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Portable Planetarium Tours in Michigan, Ohio and Midwestern Schools

portable planetarium

Sky Dome Planetarium is one of the most popular school assemblies in the country. And why wouldn’t it be? For kids there is hardly a more awesome experience than to enter their gym and discover a huge silver dome occupying half the room and standing some sixteen feet high. And then to enter the dome itself through a mysterious tunnel, sit in the dark inside and then to be treated to a wondrous journey into outer space and beyond! We have never met a child (or adult!) that did not think this a totally awesome experience.
With curriculum based instruction embedded thoroughly throughout the program this great school assembly is also a huge hit with teachers, as it reinforces educational benchmarks in several areas.
And so we are happy to alert you that we have made more than one tour available this year in the midwest. Michigan and Ohio schools, being right in our backyard so to speak, ave always had great opportunities for scheduling this show, but with extra performers now available, Skydome will be able to visit several states that have not had great access to this portable planetarium school assembly before.
Sky Dome (sometimes confused with the older Star Lab program) is available this school year to midwestern schools in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minneapolis and even Texas, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota!
For those in other parts of the country, do not despair, as we have additional performers resident on the East and West coasts and available to service schools both in California and the eastern states of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and all of New England.
So let the stars shine over your school!

School Assemblies on a Budget

Discounted school assembly programs

Just a quick reminder for those who missed last weeks announcements...

Bodyworks ! - Robert Pirtle has a killer School Assembly Program!

texas school assemblies

Something to say today about another performer we are all really proud of here at Mobile Ed. Robert Pirtle is a fine and handsome young gentleman who hails from the great city of Memphis, Tennessee. He also presents one heck of a “killer” school assembly program. 

Kathleen Day and The Earth Dome - School Assemblies in the Midwest

Ohio School assemblies

I just had to share this! Kathleen Day is one of our best and most charming presenters. She performs in four shows for us. She presents The Earth Dome, Crime Scene Science, Forces and Motion and They Made a Difference. Since she is an Ohio girl we have her touring in the Midwest only, visiting schools in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and, of course, Ohio, predominantly but also occasionally to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Missouri. 

Recession Buster! - School Assemblies you can afford!

school assemblies

No one can be unaware of the difficult times being faced by school today. Money is scarce everywhere, but nowhere is this more true than in parts of the Midwest. Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin and other “heart of the nation” states are reeling from budget cuts and failed fundraisers.

Hard Times for Schools - Assembly Programs on a Budget

school assemblies

We all know how hard the economy has been on schools. District budgets are down.
Teachers are being laid off. Parent organizations are being asked to cover supplies even while their own fundraisers are going down in flames. Money is tight to say the least.

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