The Treasure of The Six Traits (An Adventure In Writing)


writing school assemblyThe Treasure of the Six Traits (An Adventure In Writing) helps students identify and implement the 6+1 Traits of Writing method through a creative and entertaining presentation.

Many schools will be familiar with The 6+1 Traits of Writing:
    • Ideas
    • Organization
    • Voice
    • Word Choice
    • Sentence Fluency
    • Conventions
    • Presentation

This system is a popular teaching style in many schools across the country. Now we can offer the perfect school show to support and augment this great teaching system.

The Treasure of The Six Traits is 45 minutes of adventure and fun-filled writing where the audience helps to build a story.


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writing assembly program


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The Treasure of The Six Traits
Program Summary
Grade Level: K-6
Size: A stage or 8'x25' area
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 45 minutes
Setup Time: 45 minutes
Teardown Time: 30 minutes
Required Utilities: One 6'-8' banquet tables
One AC electrical outlet


Our prices are among the most competitive in the school assembly industry. Please call your state's Program Consultant at 800.433.7459 for the best pricing on this program.

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