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Happy Mother's Day | Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Posted on Sun, May 13, 2018

Mothers’ Day is May 13th! Did you forget?

We’ve never met a mom who prefers a store-bought gift over something her kids made her -- even if her kids are adults -- so we’ve got a list of suggestions today to help you make your mom smile this Mother's Day!

(To any moms reading -- it might be time to hand the article over to Dad so you don’t ruin any potential surprises for yourself! It’s okay, he’ll get the same treatment next month!)

Make a Card: We know it seems obvious, but as much as Hallmark might appreciate the business, there’s nothing that beats a handmade card to show how much you care. Be sure to help any little ones with scissors and spelling. Tip: Be specific! While, “I love you, Mom!” is a wonderful sentiment, and she will probably keep this card on the refrigerator for the rest of your life anyway, a specific memory or compliment makes for a very special card inscription.

There are some great examples of handmade mothers day cards over at this site!


Make Some (Pretend) Flowers: While our example video may deal primarily with Valentine’s Day flowers, the same principle certainly applies. Using just some paper and pipe cleaners, you can make Mom a bouquet that will outlast any real flowers! (She will also probably keep them on the fridge the rest of your life, too.)

Make Breakfast: The “In Bed” part is purely optional, based on the cooking skill level and messiness tolerance in your specific household. Most moms spend so much time looking after other people that they hardly have time for themselves -- show Mom how much you appreciate her by simply taking breakfast off her plate for the day (though please, not literally!) Some easy (but delicious) dishes that the kids can help with:

  • Bagels (kids can lay out toppings and spreads while an adult handles slicing and toasting)
  • Parfaits and trifles (help kids to carefully layer fruit, yogurt, cake, et cetera)
  • Waffles, pancakes and French toast (kids can decorate the finished product with fruit, chocolate syrup or chips, et cetera!)

Plant a (Real) Flower: Pick out a plant for Mom that she can grow in the ground or a pot (depending on space.) A plant that she can water continuously and watch bloom over the summer will remind her of her wonderful children every time she sees it -- bonus points for choosing a perennial plant, which will come back year after year! Some of our favorite low-maintenance perennials are daisies, lavender, daffodils, hollyhocks, peonies, lilies, larkspur, and of course...chrysanthemums!

Gardening With Mom

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there -- and the grandmothers, and the aunts-who-are-like-a-mom, and the really warm teachers that remind kids of their mom, and to everyone who evokes the feelings of Mom.

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