Crime Scene Science


Solve a mystery using science and critical thinking!

mobile ed csi crime science showMobile Ed Productions is proud to present Crime Scene Science, a brand-new 45-minute program devoted to introducing students to the exciting field of the science behind solving crimes. In the process, your students will be exposed to important aspects of critical thinking, essential not only in the Scientific Method but in all forms of problem solving.

We show the students that this field actually draws from all forms of science. Chemistry, physics, and biology are all discussed through a variety of demonstrations involving lots of audience participation. Also introduced are basic rules of observation and creative thinking, as laid out by the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

crime scene fingerprint school showThe audience is informed of a great mystery, "The Great Cat Caper." Your students are asked to put on their thinking caps and become forensic technicians to help solve this dastardly crime. Using different tools - including fingerprinting, DNA analysis, restoration of a broken window, and making a casting of a footprint - the performer will lead your students through a fun and illuminating journey with plenty of twists and turns - with an ending which may surprise even you!

crime scene science csi educational science show mobile ed

With references to most scientific fields, along with humor, a touch or two of magic and plenty of fun, we think your school will find Crime Scene Science to be one mystery you will be happy to solve!














download pdfDownload the Program Summary PDF file.

Crime Scene Science Program Summary
Grade Level: K-8
Max Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility)
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 40-45 minutes
Setup Time: 45 minutes (15 minutes between performances)
Teardown Time: 30 minutes
Required Utilities: A stage or 8' x 25'area. One AC electrical outlet. Two 6'-8' banquet tables. Access to water/sink for prep and clean-up.
Subjects Covered:

• Chemical indicators
• Castings and impressions
• Fingerprinting
• Logic
• Critical thinking

"Excellent job.The kids were both entertained and educated.
We all had fun. Great job!!!
- Sacred Heart School, Mount Holly, NJ


Our prices are among the most competitive in the school assembly industry. Please call your state's Program Consultant at 800.433.7459 for the best pricing on this program.

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States That We Visit

Crime Scene Science School Assembly Visits East Coast in 2011!

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