School showsWhat is a School Assembly Program?

A school assembly is an event in your school centering around a program brought in from outside. Traditionally, many school assemblies were strictly entertainment but Mobile Ed Productions raises the bar by offering curriculum based educational assemblies that are not just entertaining but also support the educational standards of your school.

School assemblies are called many different names across the country, from Lyceums and Convocations, to Enrichment Programs and just plain school shows. Whatever they are called in your neighborhood, Mobile Ed Productions is the leading provider and offers thirty different high quality professional, educational programs to meet your needs.

Take a look at the excellent school assemblies we offer in your area and get in touch with us with what you're interested in.  Our educational assembly shows are available nationwide, so call us at 800-433-7459 to find out what assemblies are available in your state.  Chances are, there's a great assembly available right when you need it the most.  Ask your program consultant about assembly programs near you today!

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