At last! A math show!

Assembly program on MathWelcome to Imathimation, the program you have been waiting for!

Imathimation encourages kids to think outside the box and to use their “imathimation” to envision all the ways in which math affects their lives every day. Playing on ordinary situations to create extraordinary excitement, we involve students in cooking, shopping, music and a variety of other areas to motivate them to see the math all around them.

math ropes imathimation magic mathematics school show mobile edStudents will explore finance and savings and see how math can magically multiply their savings. We bake a gigantic three tiered cake using “mathmagical” measurements. Student volunteers race to create a bridge using only mathematical principles! We examine how math underlies all music, and we explore the world of geometry through a dazzling geometric puzzle.

Imathimation motivates students to see Math as an exciting part of everyday life, and in the process hone their problem solving skills using the excitement inherent in using math. Welcome to the world of Imathimation!


assembly program on math

download pdfDownload the Program Summary PDF file.

Imathimation Program Summary
Grade Level: K-2 and 3-6
Max Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility)
Performance Time: 40-45 minutes
Setup Time: 1 hour
Teardown Time:
1 hour
Required Utilities: A stage or 8' x 25' area. One AC electrical outlet. Three 6'-8' banquet tables. A separate room in which to change clothes. An introduction by school representative is desirable.
Subjects Covered:

• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Greater Than/Less Than
• Geometry
• Practical applications of mathematics in everyday life
• Problem solving
• Math in relation to music

Presenter got their attention and held it well. We enjoyed the magic of numbers and visual aids. It starts out very strong and gets them excited.                             - McAuliffe Elem. School, Lewisville, TX

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Here is an article about our Math program!

Texas School Assemblies - Just Do the Math!

Posted by Geoff Beauchamp on Wed, Feb 16, 2011 @ 02:34 PM

We wrote recently about Dave Mitchell and his school assembly swing through Texas with his Ben Franklin school show. What we failed to mention is that Dave also carries a really great  school assembly about Math called Imathimation. From what we can tell our Texas schools loved this assembly program!

Here is a comment from a school in Spring, Texas:

“Entertaining and Educational!... Read the whole article!

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