Our Changing Climate

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For grades 3-5 and 6-8, Dr. Exhaustus presents two age-appropriate versions of OUR CHANGING CLIMATE.

For grades pre-K through 2nd, the good doctor offers the 30-minute show HELPING OUR EARTH – the perfect way to introduce little ones to practical ways to take care of our planet, without all the technical stuff.

OUR CHANGING CLIMATE will leave students with a basic understanding of the content elements and how they are all connected to the subject of climate change. Competing scientific points of view about climate change are presented, including the “sunspot theory,” “natural causes,” and the “greenhouse theory.”

The goal is to encourage students and teachers to further discuss the various aspects of this topic in their classrooms, using critical thinking to arrive at their own personal conclusions.

• Large animatronic characters
• Stunning images projected on a big screen
• Exciting live-action animation
• Fun props
• Audience participation
• Interaction and a sense of humor

climate changeBoth of these programs are entertaining and educational experiences for students, teachers, and parents! Both shows offer many straight-forward examples of how students can help the environment. While always maintaining the need to take the subject seriously, Dr. Exhaustus stresses the importance of a positive attitude, using simple humor to caution against alarm.


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download pdfDownload the Program Summary PDF file.

Our Changing Climate Program Summary
Grade Level: Pre-K through 8th Grade (different presentations for grades K-2 and 3-8)
Max Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility)

Workshop Availability:
Performance Time:

45 minutes for Our Changing Climate
30 minutes for Helping Our Earth

Setup Time: 1 hour (15 minutes to reset between shows)

Teardown Time:

45  minutes
Required Utilities: Stage Custodial or adult assistance for unloading, set-up, tear-down and loading. Two 6'-8' banquet style tables. One small table or cart suitable for a projector. Too many windows that can't be covered can be an issue.
Subjects Covered:
Our Changing Climate:
• The basics of the Greenhouse Theory
• Opposing views of the Greenhouse Theory
• Fossil fuels -- the use of oil and coal as energy sources
• New energy technology, such as wind, solar and geothermal power
• Green automobile technology
• Polar climate change
• Rainforest wildlife and deforestation
• Examples of species that could be affected by climate change

Helping Our Earth:
• The basics of the Carbon-Oxygen Cycle
• Wind power and solar power
• Polar bears and penguins - where do they live?
• Rainforest animals
• Rainforest deforestation
• The inspiring stories of a boy who helped the rainforest and a woman who planted millions of trees
• Recycling
• Fun, upbeat sing-a-long song "We don't throw trash in the sea!"

He touches on so many environmental issues and turns the negative into a positive by encouraging the kids to get involved in saving our planet.  - Twin Groves Junior High, Buffalo Grove, IL

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