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icon air2 Animals and their Environment Ben Franklin Chemistry: It Really Matters -- Science Assembly Program icon holidayshow Crime Scene Science School Assembly Show Mobile Ed Frederick Douglass -- History School Assembly Program The Earth Dome -- Earth Science Assembly Program
Air: The Invisible
Animals and the
Ben Franklin Chemistry:
It Really Matters
Crime Scene
Earth Dome
Thomas Alva Edison -- History Assembly Program Forces and Motion -- Science Assembly Program Imathimation - Mathematics Assembly Show Inspector Iwannano - Character Counts -- Character Building Assembly Show Kidz Science Safari The Living Lincoln -- History Assembly Program Books Made the Man: Lincoln and Reading -- History and Reading Assembly Program Mime Time - Performing Arts Assembly Show
Thomas Edison Forces and
Imathimation  Inspector
Science Safari 
The Living
Lincoln and
Mime Time
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- History Assembly Program The Magic of Science -- Science Assembly Program Music: Arts in Education -- Music and Performing Arts Assembly Program icon zone sign Our Changing Climate with Dr. Exhaustus -- Science and Earth Science Assembly Program Physics is Fun -- Science Assembly Program icon physicsworkshop icon trails1 
Dr. Martin 
Luther King, Jr.
The Magic of
Music: Arts in
No Bully Zone
Our Changing
is Fun
Piankeshaw Trails
Reading: More Than Words -- Reading and Writing Assembly Program Reptiles are Cool! -- Animal Assembly Show icon sacagewea Sky Dome Planetarium -- Astronomy Assembly Show Spirit of America The Spirit to Overcome -- History Assembly Program icon StandUp STEM museum mobile education mobile ed expo
Reading: More
Than Words
Reptiles are
Sacagawea SkyDome
Spirit of
The Spirit to
Stand-Up Step-In
STEM Museum
  Stronger Than a Bully anti-bullying assembly show  icon twain4 Mr. Peace Motivational Assembly Programs Wolverine Will Mobile Ed Women in History -- History Assembly Program Young Authors Day -- Creative Writing and Mime Assembly Program   Stronger Than a Bully 2 You've Got a Friend anti-bullying school show for kids
  Stronger Than
a Bully 
Mark Twain  Mr. Peace  Wolverine Will Women in
Authors Day 
 You've Got a 
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School Assembly Program List for 2014-2015

Astronomy Assemblies
Sky Dome Planetarium

Animal Assemblies

Animals and The Environment
Reptiles Are Cool

Character Development Assemblies
Inspector Iwannano
Stronger Than A Bully
You've Got A Friend
The No Bully Zone
No Bullying: Stand-Up, Step-In
Mr. Peace

Chemistry Assemblies

*Chemistry: It Really Matters
Crime Scene Science
*The Magic of Science

Earth Science/
Environment Assemblies
The Earth Dome
Our Changing Climate

History Assemblies
Abraham Lincoln
Benjamin Franklin
Frederick Douglass
Mark Twain: My Stories, Myself
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Piankeshaw Trails
Spirit of America
The Spirit To Overcome
*Thomas Alva Edison
Women In History

Performing Arts Assemblies
*Mime Time
Music: Arts In Education

Physics Assemblies

The Invisible Wonder: Air
Forces and Motion
Physics Is Fun
*Physics Workshop 




Mathematics Assemblies

Technology Assemblies

*STEM Museum
Kidz Science Safari

Reading/Writing Assemblies

Books Made The Man: Lincoln and Reading
Reading: More Than Words
*Young Authors Day

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*All day hands-on workshop format available.

Please Note: Not all assembly programs are available in 
every geographical area every year.

Call your representative today at 800.433.7459 to find out 
what shows are available for your school!

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What is a School Assembly Program?

A school assembly is an event in your school centering around a program brought in from outside. Traditionally, many school assemblies were strictly entertainment but Mobile Ed Productions raises the bar by offering curriculum based educational assemblies that are not just entertaining but also support the educational standards of your school.

School assemblies are called many different names across the country, from Lyceums and Convocations, to Enrichment Programs and School Assembly Programs. Whatever they are called in your neighborhood, Mobile Ed Productions is the leading provider and offers thirty different high quality professional programs to meet your needs. Here are the programs we currently offer!