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Character Development Assembly Programs

Inspector Iwannano Character Counts Character Building School Assembly Program Self Esteem Show No Bully Zone Anti Bullying Assembly Program Stop Bullying Stand Up Step In
The No Bully Zone
Stand-Up, Step-In
Stronger Than a Bully Anti Bullying Assembly Program Stronger Than a Bully 2: You've Got a Friend Stop Bullying Through Friendship Self Esteem School Show  
Stronger Than
a Bully 
You've Got a Friend

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Character Development Assembly Programs

character building program anti-bullying bullying program awareness stop bullying assembly shows

Inspector Iwannano     
Character counts in this fun assembly, focusing on building the Six Pillars of Character.

The No Bully Zone Game Show
A participation-driven role playing game show designed to prevent bullying in your school!

Stand-Up, Step-In
David Jack and his high-tech friend Cozmo, entertain and engage your kids and teach them how to identify the players in a bullying episode and more importantly how they should deal with it.

Stronger Than A Bully

Mobile Ed's first anti-bullying assembly has been a huge hit!

You've Got A Friend (Anti-Bullying)
"You've Got A Friend" - students will see how important friendships are in preventing bullying.