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History and Social Studies Assembly Programs

Ben Franklin School ShowBen Franklin Frederick Douglass School Assembly Frederick Douglass Mark Twain School Assembly Show Mobile EdMark Twain Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly Show History and Civil RightsDr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. 
The Living Lincoln Assembly ShowThe
Living Lincoln 
Piankeshaw Trails - Native American HistoryPiankeshaw
 Sacagawea Assembly Show Sacagawea  Spirit of America Spirit of America
 The Spirit to Overcome - History Assembly Show African American Black History ShowThe Spirit to
Thomas Edison School Assembly Program Thomas Edison  icon WolverineWill Wolverine Will Women in History - Marie Curie History Assembly Show for KidsWomen in History 
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History Assembly Program List

abraham lincoln school assembly program history assembly show elementary
Abraham Lincoln
A vist with our greatest President! Now entering our 25th year!

Benjamin Franklin
America's founding father and a true man for all seasons!

Frederick Douglass   
His early years in slavery - told by the foremost free African-Americans of the Civil War era. 

Mark Twain
America's greatest writer and story-teller!

Martin Luther King, Jr.   
The life and times of the great Civil Rights leader, and so much more!

Piankeshaw Trails    
The history and culture of the Woodland Indian tribes of the Ohio River Valley.

The Spirit to Overcome   
Voices of some of the wonderful Women of Color who have contibuted to our great nation, brought to life.

Thomas Alva Edison   
The life, inventions and contributions of America's greatest inventor!

They Made a Difference
Tales of some of the great women in history!

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"Marvelous! A+ This was absolutely the most exciting, well-executed program our school has had the pleasure of hosting!"

- Holy Family School, Granite City, IL

"Fantastic program and very informative! A great and innovative way to present a history lesson!"

- Pike Creek Christian School, Newark, DE


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