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Science, Technology and Mathematics Assembly Programs

Air Science School Assembly Program Animals Birds Educational Living Science Show for Kids Chemistry It Really Matters - Science School Assembly Program Crime Scene Science - Forensic Science Kids School Assembly Show The Earth Dome - Earth Science Assembly Program School Show
Air: The Invisible
Animals and
the Environment
Really Matters
Crime Scene
Earth Dome
Forces and Motion -- Physics and Science School Assembly Show Imathimation - Math Assembly Program Kidz Science Safari  Magic of Science - Science School Show Assembly Program Chemistry and Physics for Kids  Our Changing Climate - Science School Assembly Program Global Warming and Other Issues
Forces and
Imathimation Kidz
Science Safari
The Magic
of Science
Our Changing
 Physics is Fun - Science Assembly Program for Kids  Reptiles Animals School Assembly Show Living Science Education  SkyDome Planetarium - Astronomy School Assembly Inflatable Planetarium  STEM Museum by Mobile Ed STEM Education Brought to You!  
 Physics is
Are Cool
 STEM Museum  


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Science Program List

AstronomyHands-On Science Assemblies

Sky Dome Planetarium
Mobile Ed's portable planetarium is one of our most popular science assemblies!


Chemistry: It Really Matters      
The three states of matter and much more in an exciting science show for all grades!

Crime Scene Science     
An elementary look at the science behind solving crimes!  

The Magic of Science
Science = Magic = Science! An extremely entertaining science assembly!


Earth Science/Environment

The Earth Dome    
Planet Earth revealed through a stunning and highly detailed globe standing twenty feet tall!

Our Changing Climate
A highly entertaining science assembly that looks at all sides of Climate Change.


Math is fun in this awesome 45 minute assembly!



Kidz Science Safari 
Hands-on science for the whole school!

The Invisible Wonder: Air 
A huge hit last year, this great science assembly returns with super fun for all! 

Forces and Motion   
Newton's Laws of Motion, Gravity, Centirfical Force - Pure curriculum based science ... and fun!

Physics is Fun
Electricity, Jet Engines and hands on workshops for the entire school. Pure science excitement!


STEM Museum
Bring a state-of-the-art hands-on museum to your school!


"Perfect learning "virtual field trip" for our science standards! Since gas price hikes, field trips have been cut back. This program took kids to a planetarium setting right here at school."

- North Oakview Elem. School, Grand Rapids, MI

"Excellent program! The children rushed to the library for books on science to answer the questions he gave them."

- Saint Joseph School, Las Vegas, NV