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Since 1979, Mobile Ed Productions has been the nationwide leader in live, educational entertainment, and we're continuing the tradition again this year with another tour of amazing experiences for you and your students. Look no further than Mobile Ed for assemblies in Georgia!

We are proud to have our educational assemblies and hands-on workshops in Georgia again this year.

We're bringing back everyone's favorite science assemblies such as the SkyDome PlanetariumThe Earth Dome, and The Magic of Science. No year is complete without a visit from one of our historical figures, like Abraham LincolnThomas Alva Edison, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To satisfy your school's STEM/STEAM requirements, we also have our mobile hands-on museums, Kidz Science Safari and STEAM Museum, packed with interaction, high-tech demonstrations, and lots of fun.

Take a look at all of the assemblies in Georgia this year below. Then, call 800-433-7459 or email your regional representative to find out what assemblies are still available in Tennessee. 

Assembly Programs in Georgia

Air science assembly program mobile ed

Air: The Invisible Wonder 
In this awesome program, students learn about air and our atmosphere through a series of ultra-cool demonstrations showing the weight of air, the effects of atmosphere, and the properties and action involved in a vacuum. Plus, a highly-visual display of the effects of Bernoulli’s Principal of Fluid Dynamics!  Learn more!

The Earth Dome -- Earth Science Assembly Program  The Earth Dome 
Bring our gigantic, inflatable globe standing 19-feet high and 22-feet in diameter into your school and blow your students’ minds. Our energetic performer takes your students on a trip around - and inside - the world, exploring the continents, visiting countries, and studying the structure of the earth from the inside-out!  Learn more!
 Thomas Edison Assembly Show inventions engineering STEM education elementary schools Thomas Alva Edison 
This presentation highlights Edison's early childhood curiosity about how and why things worked all the way through his career as the inventor of dozens of devices - that you can see in action! Edison's childhood experiences and stories of his fascination with electricity and the telegraph are told through an energetic performance that will inspire your students and connect with them as only a "living history" experience can.  Learn more!
 ben franklin assembly show benjamin franklin american history educational assembly show dave mitchell mobile ed Ben Franklin 
Using incredible props, a beautiful set, music, stories, interaction, and authentic costuming, the character of Ben Franklin entertains and enlightens your school. Try your time at old-time typesetting, and experiment with electricity while experiencing true living history.  Learn more!

The No Bully Zone
The No Bully Zone helps students identify bullies and bullying behaviors and to provide effective strategies in coping and dealing with bullying. This program will help identify the types of bullies and associated bullying behaviors: Physical, Verbal, Social or Relational, and Cyber.  Learn more!

 Physics is Fun -- Science Assembly Program Physics is Fun! 
Open your student's eyes to the fascinating world of physics and how it governs the way everything around us moves! Through the discoveries of Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Robert VanDeGraff we've come up with powerful demonstrations on sound, electricity, motion, and even jet propulsion! Also, ask about our all-day science museum-style Physics Workshop!  Learn more! 
 icon physicsworkshop Physics Workshop 
Physics is Fun is also available in an all-day format with awesome hands-on activities!  We bring a science museum-like presentation to your school allowing students to get up close and personal with awesome exhibits designed to compliment both the Physics is Fun assembly program and your existing science curriculum.  Learn more!
 skydome planetarium starlab portable dome assembly program Sky Dome Planetarium
Take your students on a journey through the universe from the comfort and security of your own school. Our portable, inflatable planetarium will come right to your location and dazzle your budding astronomers with our state-of-the-art digital projector and informative presentation.  Learn more! 

 anti bullying assembly program show anti-bully mandate stronger than a bully assembly program mobile ed dave mitchell Stronger Than a Bully
Fight the issue of bullying in your school with a day of Stronger Than A Bully assembly shows! Based on techniques aimed at empowering the victim, this fast-paced interactive school assembly program is packed with important lessons imparted through lots of audience participation, magic, ventriloquism, role playing, comedy, and most of all fun!  Learn more!
 young authors day school assembly program creative writing mime amazing awesome we love it Young Authors Day 
This all-day writing workshop begins with a 45-minute assembly show about the art of mime. There, our not-so-silent mime excites your students about writing, and then sends them on their way to create original stories, periodically visited and coached by our presenter. At the end of the day your student’s own stories are presented in a second assembly...through mime! An unforgettable day, every time.  Learn more!

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