Kentucky School Assembly Programs 2012-2013

New School Assemblies for 2012-2013School assemblies in Kentucky


The Circle of Life 

The No Bully Zone 

The Treasure of The Six Traits (An Adventure In Writing)

Books Made The Man: Lincoln and Reading

Stronger Than A Bully - Anti- Bullying

Sky Dome Planetarium  (Comments) - Astronomy

Animals and The Environment - Natural Science

Reptiles Are Cool - Natural Science

Inspector Iwannano Show - Character Counts

The Earth Dome  (Comments) - Earth Science

The Invisible Wonder: Air! - Science

The Magic of Science - ScienceKentucky school assemblies

Forces and Motion - Science

Physics Is Fun - Science

Benjamin Franklin  (Comments) - Social Studies

Frederick Douglass - Social Studies

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Social Studies

Piankeshaw Trails - Social Studies

Thomas Edison  - Social Studies

Women In History - Social Studies

Imathimation - Math

Mime Time - Performing Arts

Reading: More Than Words - Reading

Young Authors Day - Creative Writing

Lights, Camera, Action - Television Production

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School Assemblies in Kentucky

Midwest School Assemblies in Kentucky - Rojo Visits Bowling Green

Posted by Geoff Beauchamp on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 @ 01:44 PM

We have written before about Rojo, a truly inspiring school assembly presenter who has worked for us for many years. He currently performs our Character Counts assembly program - Inspector Iwannano - and also is one of our presenters for the portable planetarium Skydome here in the Midwest. But Rojo came to us originally to present our Martin Luther King school assembly, and he is still truly magnificent in that role and renowned for his presentations in schools throughout the Midwest. And that is what some students from Natcher Elementary in Bowling Green, Kentucky found out for themselves just recently!

Our contact at Natcher is... Read the whole article! 

Ohio and Indiana History - School Assemblies in the Midwest

All over the midwest, in states such as Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, part of the curriculum for intermediate grades involves teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about the Native American tribes that lived in this part of the country before the Europeans arrived. There is nothing strange about this. All over the country... Read the whole article!

Portable Planetarium Tours in Michigan, Ohio and Midwestern Schools

More tours traveling the Midwest means more available dates for Kentucky schools! ... Read the article!


Live Animals And Kentucky School Assemblies

Natural Science school assembly performer visits Kentucky! - Read the article!

Character Counts To Start The Year in Schools

Kentucky schools can kick off the year with Character Counts ... Read the article!

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