Texas School Assemblies - Teaching Writing And Good Character
A Texan student gets an unexpected lesson in good manners! - Read the article!

Mobile Ed Productions School Assembly Reviews - New Jersey
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Texas School Assemblies - What is Coming in 2011-2012
We recently announced the beginning of school assembly scheduling for the 2011-2012 school year. For our client schools in the great state of Texas, and for all the other fine schools there who have not yet tried one of our awesome school assemblies, here is some fantastic news!

We have assembled some of our very best school assembly programs in a terrific line up to visit the “Lone Star State” this coming year! This roster will include our two newest and most exciting school assemblies! Here is a quick rundown:

First off in the Fall will be a tour carrying three of our most requested school assembly programs. In September and October there are dates available in Texas forLights Camera Action, a high-tech television production school show using lots of high dollar digital technology to dazzle kids with the excitement of a super important medium of communication. Also on board will be our earth balloon program TheEarth Dome.

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A Great School Assembly Performer is Headed for Texas!
I have written before on occasion about a good friend and a truly magnificent school assembly performer, Toma the Mime. Toma was recently at Fisher Elementary in Speedway, Indianapolis. I just got off the phone with Kathryn Richards the principal there, and ... wow! 

Fisher has had many programs from us over the years but in the past they have always favored the living history characters like Lincoln and Martin Luther King. And they have always loved them! But they had never seen Toma before. Toma does our Young Author's Day school assembly. And he is really good! Ms. Richards was so excited she could hardly... Read the whole article!

Texas School Assemblies and “The End Of The World”
There are some people who just love conspiracies and mysteries and especially anything to do with “the end of the world” Remember all the brouhaha about the “millennium bug” that was going to destroy all our computers on January 1 in the year 2000? Sometimes I think there are people whose own lives are so miserable they dream of catastrophe and disaster as welcome diversions from the monotonous mundane lives they lead.  Recently it seems that this fringe crowd has been all excited about the Mayan Calendar and reports...
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Stronger Than A Bully School Assembly Comes To Texas This Winter!
Mobile Ed's highly anticipated anti bullying school assembly will tour Texas schools this winter ... Read the article!

New School Science Assembly for Texas Schools!
Our newest awesome science assembly now available in Texas! ...
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Portable Planetarium Tours in Michigan, Ohio and Midwestern Schools
More Sky Dome portable Planetarium dates for Texas schools! ...
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