Sky Dome Planetarium

Explore our solar system...and beyond!

sky dome planetarium mobile ed productions astronomy school assembly program show inflatable platerarium solar system stars constellations educationalTake your students on a 45 minute journey through the universe from the comfort and security of your own school. Our portable, inflatable planetarium will come right to your location and dazzle your budding astronomers as they are taken on a tour of the solar system.

Students will enter the dome and be introduced to a "star filled" sky. Our navigator with the use of a laser pointer, will guide students through the stars of the Northern Hemisphere exactly as they appear on the day of the presentation. Students will learn how to identify stars and constellations. They will be introduced to Greek mythological characters and see how these heroes of the past can be found in the stars. Students will witness the night sky in different seasons and from different global perspectives. They will also be treated to a slide presentation which enhances the presenter's tour of the Solar System.

sky dome planetarium mobile ed school assembly program showThe Sky Dome Planetarium can be quickly and easily set up in most gymnasiums or other large rooms with a high ceiling. It has delighted students in thousands of schools throughout the country and we are confident that you will be thrilled by the excitement and enchantment this program offers.

All presentations are tailored for each age group (K-9) and will provide appropriate academic content. Two domes are available for our west and southwest territory schools. The small dome can be used in a classroom size setting with up to 40 students at a time. The large dome can accommodate up to 90 students per visit. The dome is also handicapped-accessible.

High-Definition Sky Dome Projector

The Sky Dome in HD!

Mobile Ed Productions now has the all new digital projector for the BEST portable planetarium experience available anywhere. The new projector, brought to us from Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. boasts 120,000 bright stars as opposed to the 3,000 in the older unit. You will even be able to watch the sun set and moon come out. When our performer talks about Saturn, he can zoom in on the planet and the audience can see all the moons and rings up close. When the performer speaks of a constellation grouping of stars the physical outline can be automatically placed over these stars for a dynamic learning experience. It also has a built in DVD projector to provide wonderful video of other interesting phenomena of our universe. If you enjoyed our Sky Dome in the past you will be simply blown away with the new and improved projector. It's out of this world!

download pdfDownload the Program Summary PDF file.

Sky Dome
Program Summary
Grade Level: K-9
Max Audience Size: 90 students and teachers per performance
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 40-45 minutes
Setup Time: 45 minutes
Teardown Time: 30 minutes
Required Utilities: An indoor area large enough to fit the 36' diameter dome with a ceiling 15' high at its lowest point. One AC electrical outlet.
Subjects Covered:
• Greek constellations
• The Milky Way galaxy
• The Sun and all the planets
• The Moon

Perfect learning "virtual field trip" for our science standards! Since gas price hikes, field trips have been cut back. This program took kids to a planetarium setting right here at school.

- North Oakview Elem. School, Grand Rapids, MI

Our prices are among the most competitive in the school assembly industry. Please call your state's Program Consultant at 800.433.7459 for the best pricing on this program.

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