The No Bully Zone

Make YOUR school an official "No Bully Zone" with fun, magic and an interactive game show!

"The best content I've ever seen in an anti-bullying assembly."
- Fairborn Intermediate School, Fairborn, OH


Bully Prevention School ShowThe No Bully Zone helps students identify bullies and bullying behaviors and to provide effective strategies in coping and dealing with bullying.

Through humorous costumed roleplay involving several volunteers from the audience, your presenter will help identify the four main types of bullies and associated bullying behaviors:

• Physical Bullying - hitting, pushing and harmful physical contact

• Verbal Bullying - name calling & teasing

• Social or Relational Bullying - exclusion/leaving out

• Cyber Bullying - bullying behavior using technology

Mobile Ed Productions No Bully ZoneThe No Bully Zone helps students recognize where bullying takes place and why; identify the bully, the victim and bystander; and consequences of bullying to the bully, the victim and the bystander.

Students are taught to take action and stay S.A.F.E. which stands for: Stand tall and speak up, Ask for help, Figure out your options/choices, End it calmly by remaining cool.

Also respond and be a H.E.R.O.  or Help out, Empathize/encourage, Report, Open communication.

Anti Bully Education

Best of all, the above lessons are reinforced through a high-energy, interactive game show format as students grab their buzzers and test their knowledge! Through the use of comedy, magic, audience participation, and touching personal stories, The No Bully Zone will give you and your students the foundation you need to battle bullying in your school.









The Importance of Anti-Bullying Education
Bullying leads to depression, low self esteem, health problems, poor grades and even suicidal thoughts. In addition, bullying creates an environment where students have trouble learning, feel insecure, and dislike school. Plus, studies have shown that 23 percent of students in grades 4-6 have been bullied several times and 8% are bullied weekly. Clearly this is a problem that needs to be addressed.


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Program Summary


Grade Level:  K-6
Max Audience Size:  A stage of 8'x25' area
Performance Time:  40-45 minutes
Number of Performances:  Up to 4 performances in one day
Setup Time:  1 hour (15 minutes between performances)
Teardown Time:  30 minutes
Required Utilities:
  • Two 6'-8' banquet tables
  • One electrical outlet
Subjects Covered:
  • Identifying a bully
  • Physical, Verbal, Social and Cyber bullying
  • How to respond to bullying
  • When, where, and why bullying occurs
  • How to take action against bullies
  • How to be stronger in character to handle bullies

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