The No Bully Zone


describe the imageThe No Bully Zone helps students identify bullies and bullying behaviors and to provide effective strategies in coping and dealing with bullying.

This program will help identify the types of bullies and associated bullying behaviors:
• Physical - hitting, pushing and harmful physical contact
• Verbal - name calling & teasing
• Social or Relational - exclusion/leaving out
• Cyber - bullying behavior using technology

The No Bully Zone helps students recognize where bullying takes place and why; identify the bully, the victim and bystander; and consequences of bullying to the bully, the victim and the bystander.

Students are taught to take action and stay S.A.F.E. which stands for: Stand tall and speak up, Ask for help, Figure out your options/choices, End it calmly by remaining cool.

Also respond and be a H.E.R.O.  or Help out, Empathize/encourage, Report, Open communication.



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The No Bully Zone           
Program Summary
Grade Level: K-6
Size: A stage or 8'x25' area.
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 45 minutes
Setup Time: 45-60 minutes
Teardown Time: 30 minutes
Required Utilities: Two 6'-8' banquet tables.
One AC electrical outlet


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