Thomas Alva Edison

Get inspired by the world's greatest inventor 

edison assembly show phonographThomas Alva Edison comes alive at your school through an authentic costumed portrayal of the world's greatest inventor. This 45-minute presentation highlights Edison's early childhood curiosity about how and why things worked all the way through his career as the inventor of dozens of devices we take for granted every day. Edison's childhood experiences experimenting with science and chemistry, and stories of his early fascination with electricity and the telegraph are told through an energetic performance that will capture the attention of your students and connect with them as only a "living history" experience can.

Large graphics permit the presenter to bring some of Edison's inventions to your location. The prints include his famous Menlo Park Lab and "the boys" that helped Edison create so many of his successful inventions. Some of the many myths of this fascinating historical character are exposed by our presenter.

Thomas Edison School ShowStudents will have the opportunity to participate in the program through the various demonstrations of static electricity, send a message on an actual telegraph key, or operate the hand crank generator to actually light a series of light bulbs. Also, students will see a demonstration of Edison's first light bulb (an authentic replica) and an original 100 year old Edison cylinder phonograph. Thomas Edison's visit has a lasting impact on students as they appreciate their televisions, light switches, and iPods with a newfound respect after seeing where the technology that grew into their favorite gadgets came from.

This program can be presented as a single assembly but is ideally suited for an all-day experience. In the morning, your entire school is introduced to Thomas Edison through the assembly performance, but throughout the day (or week!) individual classes can tour his hands-on workshop. This 45-minute workshop session, similar to an exhibit at a hands-on museum, is suitable for grades 4 through 9 in groups up to 30 students.


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Thomas Edison Program Summary
Grade Level: K-8
Max Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility)
Workshop Availability: Yes
Performance Time: 40-45 minutes
Setup Time: 45 minutes (15 minutes between performances)
30 minutes
Required Utilities: A stage or 8' x 25' area. Two 6'-8' banquet tables. Performer needs a separate room to change.
Subjects Covered:
• The life of a young, curious Thomas Edison
• The importance of asking questions, hard work, perserverance, and imagination
• A survey of Edison's inventions, from the stock ticker to the motion picture camera
• Real antique phonograph and lightbulb demonstrations
• Motivational content to inspire your students to create their own inventions

The children were very attentive and enjoyed the presentation very much! They found all his inventions to be almost "magical." I teach Kindergarten and the children sat enthralled for the entire 45-minute performance.

- Saint Jude Elementary School, Elyria OH

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