They Made a Difference:
Women in History

You've heard history - now listen to her story!

women in history educational assembly program marie curie amelia earhart harriet tubman margaret mead helen keller elanor rooseveltWashington, Lincoln, Edison, and all other famous men of history are wonderful, and their accomplishments changed the way we live for the better. But what of the women in history? Too often their names are omitted and valuable lessons and role models for our children ignored. They Made a Difference: Women in History addresses this issue through an exciting forty-five minute program devoted to illuminating the lives and work of many of these fine women.

Touching on women such as Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Mead, and Eleanor Roosevelt, the presentation covers the fields of science, exploration, education, public life, and literature.

The performer adopts the role of a time traveler sliding effortlessly from one impersonation to another while referencing still to others. This imaginary journey is supported through the use of rear-screen slide projector, frequent costume changes, and small stage props.

The teaching of history to our young people, too frequently, may slide into a litany of the accomplishments of famous men, while omitting the equally important work of the opposite sex. Though in no way diminishing the accomplishments of men, nor denigrating the role many women choose to play as homemakers, They Made a Difference allows your student to visit other sides of life, and does so in a fashion that is both educational and entertaining.

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Women in History Program Summary
Grade Level: K-8
Max Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility)
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 40-45 minutes
Setup Time: 45 minutes (15 minutes between performances)
Teardown Time: 30 minutes
Required Utilities: A stage or 20' x 20' area. One AC electrical outlet. Two 6'-8' banquet tables. Two chairs. A separate room for performer to change into costume. Optional: a podium
Subjects Covered:

• Clara Barton
• Florence Nightingale
• Madame Curie
• Amelia Earhart
• Helen Keller
• Anne Sullivan
• Harriet Tubman
• Margaret Mead
• Eleanor Roosevelt

The presenter was impressive in handling so many characters. She really kept the interest of the students - you could hear a pin drop.

- Lippitt Elementary School, Warwick, RI

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