Forces and Motion

Adventures in Physics

"By far the best assembly I have seen
in my 30 years of education."
- Clough Pike Elem. School, Cincinnati, OH

describe the imageNewton's Three Laws of Motion
Learn about the three laws of motion that govern the universe through exciting demonstrations involving lots of volunteers!

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Kinetic and Potential Energy
Explore the concept of energy, how it does work, and the difference between kinetic and potential energy with a huge Newton's Cradle! 

describe the imageRotational Forces
Spinning plates, bicycle wheels and even a teacher volunteer explain centripital and gyroscopic forces in an unforgettable way that kids of all ages can understand...and retain!


Supercharge Your Science Program!

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Introduce your students to the world of physics and how it effects our everyday lives with Forces and Motion, a freshly updated and incredibly current science assembly program.

Your performer will use thrilling demonstrations to both amaze and excite your students about the often intimidating field of physics.  After introducing your school to Sir Isaac Newton, we'll dive right into the theory of gravity where the fun is only just beginning.  Once we all understand why everything falls down, we waste no time in getting to the foundation of modern physics: Newton's three laws of motion.

Forces and Motion Science AssemblyTwo demonstrations on inertia including the classic tablecloth pull and an incredible stunt involving fresh eggs get children of any age excited about curious about natural examples of physics.  The second law of motion steals the show as it is explained using a real-life version of everybody's favorite video game involving slingshots and irritated birds.  Then, the law of action and equal and opposite reactions is showcased using numerous examples including a rocket launch!

But we've only scratched the surface of the ciriculum-enhancing value of Forces and Motion.  Not only do we discuss linear motion, but we even get into rotational forces such as centripital force and gyroscopic stability by spinning not only bicycle wheels like tops but also spinning plates on sticks involving lots of audience participation!

There's more?  You betchya!  Somehow we even manage to touch on energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, and the Law of Conservation of Energy in this action-packed 45-minute presentation.  

Forces and Motion is for students in grades K-5/6.  We've worked hard to update this program to exceed the standards you expect from a Mobile Ed presentation.


Forces and Motion - Elementary Physics and Science Assembly Show
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Program Summary


 Grade Level:  K-6
 Max Audience Size:  250 (limited by facility)
 Workshop Availability:  Not Available
 Performance Time:  40-45 minutes
 Setup Time:  45 minutes
 Teardown Time:  30 minutes
 Required Utilities:
  • A stage or 8' x 25' performance area.
  • Two 6'-8' banquet tables.
  • Access to water for setup/teardown.
  • Custodial or adult assistance for loading and unloading.
 Subjects Covered:
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • 3 Laws of Motion (inertia, acceleration and action/reaction)
  • Theory of Gravity
  • Energy and the ability to do work
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • The Law of Conservation of Energy
  • Gyroscopic motion/stability


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