BOT! The Secret World of Robots Reviews

Reviews on the science assembly program for grades K-8

"The presenter was very engaging and the kids loved the silly robot with the blonde hair."


- Arno Elementary, Allen Park, MI


"This was the first virtual assembly this school year in which there was a high number of students who stayed for the duration of the assembly. I received immediate positive feedback from teachers. Will definitely book this assembly again."


- Vaughn G3, Pacoima, CA


"What an awesome show! We have used Mobile Ed before at our school, but never virtually. I was curious if the level of presentation and engagement would transfer over to a virtual program, and this program did not disappoint! The content was great for all ages, it was a great balance between the performer talking and example videos. All the kids loved it!"


- Frank C Whiteley Elementary School, Hoffman, IL


"Our students left the program excited to start coding!"


- St. Matthew Parish/School, Glendale Heights, IL


"Our performer was excellent! Very engaging!"


- Milton Avenue, Chatham, NJ


"The show was fantastic and the performer was extremely well prepared. The pace was excellent and the children K-5were totally engaged. We are a small after-school program with 40 students. The show was informative, engaging, and fun and I would certainly recommend it."


- Harriet Tubman Apartment Complex, Poughkeepsie, NY


"Mr. Grey always does an excellent job. He is a polished performer and is great with the kids. He held their attention for the entire performance. He is always prompt and professional and we would definitely have him back."


- Munson Elementary School, Chardon, OH



- Becker Elementary School, Dearborn, MI


"This was one of the best performances we have had in years at our school. Students, teachers, and staff all commented on how well he did and how energetic, engaging, and informative the presentation was."


- Elco Intermediate School, Myerstown, PA


"Both performances were educational and fun! They were age-appropriate for the K-2 group and 3rd - 5th group"


- Lavoie Elementary School, Chicopee, MA


"Absolutely fantastic program! Very engaging, entertaining, and educational!"


- Holly Maria, Stratford, CT


"Our presenter thoroughly engaged our students with his fast-paced, interactive show. His introduction to robots was both informative and fun--the children were still talking about it the next day!"


- Bethlehem Elementary School, Bethlehem, CT


"We absolutely loved it! We are interested in booking again for some of our other grades and will be in touch soon to book. Thank you so much."


- Ingenuity Prep PCS, Washington, DC


"It was an informative FUN show for the students! Steve was a great presenter!"


- Lincolnview Elementary School, Van Wert, VA


"My campers thoroughly enjoyed the show. They had fun, parents let me know that their children enjoyed themselves, and it was very entertaining and education-filled (hard to do). This program allows your children to enter into a world that they may not be introduced to anywhere else."


- Champ Camp, Columbia, MD


"We were very happy with David Jack and the BOT show. Mr. Jack was easy to work with and his presentation kept the students engaged. We would love to have him back to Center Grove in Randolph NJ in the future!"


- Center Grove Elementary School, Randolph, NJ


"We could not have been more pleased with the program provided for our school. The kids and teachers absolutely loved it!"


- South Anna Elementary, Monpelier, VT


"Loved the interaction and conversation with the on-screen robot. Kids enjoyed everything!"


- Monroe Elementary, Janesville, WI


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