Casting Call for School Assembly Performers

Mobile Ed Productions is always on the lookout for new talent. Have you worked with children? Are you an entertainer or a teacher? Or maybe you just have a passion for learning and wish to share that with children? If so, a career as an educational entertainer may be for you!

Our presenters have come from many walks of life. Are you retired and looking for a second career? Are you newly graduated and looking for some work on the road for a year or two before you settle down? If so, Mobile Ed may be a good fit for you. Our performers are required to travel, so you must have your own vehicle and be happy spending time on the road.

School Assembly Performer Job Summary

We are looking for a School Assembly Performer to present our proven entertaining and educational school assembly programs to students around the country using our pre-packaged assembly programs or an approved program of their own creation. We have been operating as the premier producers and presenters of school assembly programs in America for over 40+ years! We offer a huge catalog and a wide variety of in-person and virtual school assembly programs produced by Mobile Ed as well as some unique programs produced by the very talented performers we employ. In this position, you will be trained upon and use our school assembly program equipment to present educational and entertaining lessons/performances for students across America. Our program selection ranges from upbeat anti-bullying seminars using hip-hop or skateboards, to shockingly accurate historical character representations... and everything in between!

We currently offer in-person school assembly programs that require our performers to travel on a coordinated and specified tour using a route that we provide. We are also now offering virtual school assembly programs that do not require travel. The most successful performers are flexible and able to do both. Mobile Ed Productions takes care of the most difficult elements such as acquiring clients, scheduling bookings, and handling logistics such as routing, insurance, tax forms, etc. We also serve, support, and stand by our performers to the best of our abilities.

Since our clients are located around the country, you must be available to serve within your immediate area as well as potentially tour and travel to adjacent states within an agreed-upon radius or mile area. We are flexible and take pride in treating our performers with the highest degree and level of service possible.

Our ideal applicant is able to be on the road and away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time depending on their comfort level. Our ideal applicant is either young, passionate, energetic, and driven such as young teachers or college students in teaching fields, or older, passionate, and more experienced - perhaps even retired. Actors, performers, and other types of presenters are also viable candidates.

Mobile Ed Performers must be able to think critically, and on the fly, to actively solve issues that may arise. While we prefer teachers who have teaching experience, those who are new teachers or aspiring teachers are also welcome and encouraged to apply. In fact, it may be very desirable for an aspiring teacher to take on this career as it pays very well and provides a very unique opportunity to travel the states while bolstering their resume with real-world educational and performance experience.

School Assembly Performer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Load school assembly program equipment into a vehicle and unload it at the venue. Reload into the vehicle once complete. Some programs have equipment that is heavy and requires a dolly.
  • Be on tour traveling for 2-3+ weeks at a time. The number of weeks is agreed upon beforehand and based on comfort level.
  • Receive and adhere to weekly tour schedules sent from the main office. We send tour reports weekly so the performer must be able to receive these electronically via email each week in order to see and understand their tour beforehand.
  • Arrive at performance venues on time according to the schedule and adhere to the performance schedule
  • Notify the Main Office, aka Headquarters (HQ), of any issues, emergencies, questions, or concerns as quickly as possible
  • Present School Assembly Programs at a satisfactory level of quality
  • Maintain a high degree of personal hygiene and professionalism and conduct themselves accordingly
  • Must not deviate from the material so as to protect the accuracy of the educational material and the effectiveness of the entertaining material

School Assembly Performer Requirements and Qualifications

  • Must be comfortable spending time on the road
  • Must pass FBI background check
  • Must have a valid Driver's License
  • Experience in teaching
  • Experience in performing or presenting
  • Personal time and financial management skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Computer and relatively modern technical proficiency
  • Experience in working with children
  • Must be diligent in being on time as our programs require presenters to arrive early for setup
  • Ability to be trained remotely via Zoom or travel to the HQ in Redford, MI for training
  • Ability to coordinate and communicate with the main office remotely and consistently
  • Owns own vehicle capable of transporting show equipment(preferred, but not required)