Christmahanukwanzamadan Reviews

Reviews on the world holiday assembly program for grades K-8

"There was nothing but positive comments about this program. David Jack interacted very well with our children, he held their interest and involved them in the program. There were smiles on everyone's face!  This is the first time we have scheduled a Mobile Ed performance, and it was a very positive experience."


- Overbrook School For the Blind, Philadelphia, PA


"David was very entertaining and receptive to the students! He geared his presentation level to their needs very nicely. There were MANY smiles!"


- The Midland School, North Branch, NJ


"David Jack was FANTASTIC! He was engaging for all the students. The program features were entertaining, yet educational. We would love to hear about other programs that Mr. Jack does."


- Stewartstown Elementary School, Stewartstown, PA


"Most of my teachers were incredibly pleased with the performance! They loved the variety and the facts that were presented were novel and engaging! The kids really didn't know a lot of the information about Ramadan and Kwanzaa. We even had parents emailing in to thank us for enriching their children culturally!!"


- Harris Hill Elementary, Penfield, NY


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David Jack presents Christmahanukwanzamadan