Drum Perks

Motivational Team Building Assembly Program | Grades: K-12

*New for 2023!*

Drum Perks

Feel the Power of Teamwork as Students Learn About Best Effort, Respect, and Focus! 

DrumPerks combines the joy of teamwork with drumming to exercise several important core values: best effort, respect, and focus. In each session, participants will enjoy an energizing drumming performance, learn about world cultures, and practice being team members and leaders. This program encourages students to build growth mindsets and leadership skills while appreciating different cultures and music. 

Our DrumPerks program is designed to foster Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), student engagement, and a sense of community. Audience members become participants in this interactive show where they can practice being excellent team members and musicians. The end of each session includes a group drum performance practicing teamwork! Teaching important interpersonal skills with exciting musical participation keeps students engaged and ready to learn throughout this program. 

DrumPerks is fitting for students of all ages and can host up to 180 students simultaneously. 

“DrumPerks is a high-energy total student engagement rhythm/percussion performance... It's like a mini STOMP performance with elementary school children. A must-see performance.” 

- Taylor Elementary, Santa Maria, CA

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Drum Perks' Sean Sullivan
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Program Summary

Grade Level K-12
Max Audience Size 180 Per Session
Session Time 45-50 minutes
Setup Time 45 minutes
Teardown Time 30 minutes
Required Utilities
  • 120V Power Supply
Subjects Covered
  • Growth Mindset
  • Teamwork
  • Cooperation and Leadership
  • Drumming Techniques and Rhythmic Patterns
  • World Cultures, Music, and Language
  • Achieving Goals through Practice and Mentorship

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