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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

History and Civil Rights Assembly Program | Grades: K-12

The dream performance for guaranteed inspiration

Mobile Ed Productions is proud to present Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a one man production which will introduce your students to the modern civil rights advocate and how this American hero helped to transform our society. This timely program explores the life of Dr. King, beginning with his childhood, to the peak of his career and ultimately to his untimely demise.

Tmlk martin luther king jr school assembly showhe program will travel through time with the important characters and events surrounding his life and will be expressed through song, poetry, and powerful oration. Students will see how Dr. King's life and ideas were molded through a life-long commitment to freedom and equality.

The performance will enable students to understand what Dr. King's childhood was like and will offer important insights into life in the American south during his youth. It will underscore Dr. King's dedication to knowledge and education. The program will also highlight Dr. King's belief in non-violence as the only effective way to battle social injustice and inequality. An inspiring review of the more prominent historical events of the civil rights movement will also be presented.

In an increasingly troubled society where violence abounds and injustice persists, the belief that we can succeed in making our world a better place through self-understanding, pride, education, and commitment is essential for our youth. We are confident that the audience will identify with Dr. King and be inspired to heal their world as he tried to heal his. You cannot ask for a better role model for kids today!

Living history will enter your school with this fine program and students will be enriched by learning how this most remarkable man made such a monumental impact on the society we live in.

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-12
Max Audience Size 200+ (limited by facility)
Performance Time 40-45 minutes
Number of Sessions 1-4 sessions per day.  Additional sessions available for an additional fee.
Setup Time 30 minutes
Teardown Time 30 minutes
Required Utilities
  • A stage of 8'x25' area
  • One AC electrical outlet.
  • One chair
  • Optional: podium
Subjects Covered
  • The life of Dr. King
  • Growing up in the 1950's
  • Morals and values
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Social injustice and inequality
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