Mime Time Reviews

Reviews on the performing arts assembly program for grades K-8

"We truly enjoyed Mime Time! We had two sessions: one tailored to older kids and the other for younger children. Our presenter adapted his performance seamlessly to both audiences and they enjoyed the show tremendously! They were engaged, responsive, asked great questions at the end of their session, and had a lot of fun! The older children especially enjoyed improvisation segment where one of their peers had a chance to do pantomime together with the mime."


- Hellenic American Academy, Deerfield, IL


"My class and several others came back excited to write their own stories to act out."


- Harvest Valley Elementary School, Menifee, CA


"Today was our program with the mime, Tom. He was awesome!  He performed for both 3rd and 10th graders which is probably unusual but both groups were receptive!  Of course, the 3rd graders were more willing to show how much fun they are having, but the 10th graders told me afterward that they thought he was funny. Our program was about writing stories so his discussions fit in perfectly.  Please pass along our compliments to him. Thanks for your help"


- Ursuline High School,  Youngstown, OH


"Lluana was an excellent presenter. She gave an informative and engaging show to an audience of about 80 first and second graders. She had them all engaged in her presentation and actively participating in their groups. Experienced and positive crowd control. We thoroughly enjoyed her performance."


- The Primary Day School, Bethesda, MD


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