Mr. Peace

Motivational and character building school assembly | Grades K-12


Four different programs, each will be worth your time.

Since 2006, Kevin "Mr. Peace" Szawala has been traveling to schools and community centers, spreading his passionate message about peace, love, equality and tolerance to hundreds of thousands of people of all ages. He has created four different assembly programs, each focusing on a different topic: bullying, diversity, leadership and making positive life choices.

"This is one of the best assemblies I've seen in 18 years of teaching! No bells and whistles, just an amazing presenter and an amazing message!" - Jennifer Kennaugh, Black Elementary School

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Stop the bull! 

Character is not judging what you do when someone's watching; rather what you do when no one is looking. This program touches on this core concepts Bullying and the latest phenomenon of Cyber-Bullying (bullying through the use of Internet services and systems, especially Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). A brainstorming session on the various causes and effects of bullying, and ways to both respond to it and prevent it is conducted. Students are further made aware to the severity of this epidemic through examining powerful facts, stories and testimonials revolving around bullying, along with looking at the magnitude of their own actions.  The challenge is then posed for those who have bullied others to cease that hurtful behavior and apologize for how they treated those individuals.  Ultimately we have a choice to destroy or uplift one's spirit and either one only takes a couple of seconds; this talk will reach inside your school's collective heart to show both students & staff why they should want to choose the latter in order to leave a legacy that all will want to remember! 


Everyone is unique! 

Many times our closed minds shield us from some wonderful people, who could turn out to be amazing friends. You either embrace diversity and grow, or you resist it and struggle. Following several activities and stories looking at the world from a condensed perspective, the need for acceptance, understanding, inclusion, tolerance and education not only in our school community, but on a global scale, becomes glaringly apparent. This topic addresses all aspects of diversity, and begins to shed some light on the necessity for us to see all human beings with the lens of our hearts, and not just our eyes. This presentation teaches one how to be more compassionate and open-minded with people who are different by moving past our unfounded assumptions about other groups and backgrounds. Finally, everyone is invited to meet someone new, which allows for a deeper understanding of the uniqueness in others!


The leader in you! 

Everyone of us has the potential to positively impact thousands of lives during our lifetimes by keeping our hearts open. Through this discussion on what it means to be a real leader, an alternative is given as to how we define success. Failure is an option and a necessary piece of our growth in learning who we are; it is not the opposite of success, rather quitting, or giving up, is the reverse. We must never lose sight of our dreams or the inherent power that all of us possess because without goals or that inner wisdom and belief in our abilities, life simply becomes average.  We are all destined for greatness, and this assembly reinforces that message as well as focuses in on ways to overcome the negative beliefs and fears we have about ourselves by seeking to replace them with love and the knowledge that we can do anything we set our minds to! The world desperately needs strong leaders, it needs us, it needs you!  The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step...Start that journey here!

Positive Life Choices

Make the right choice! 

What happens to you is 99% how you choose to respond to it.  In today's culture, with so much pressure put on physical appearance and the need to fit in, many students are willing to sacrifice what they believe in because being accepted is more important than who they truly are. As a result, many turn to extreme measures to fill these self and media-made voids, by taking part in abusive habits. This program targets a variety of potentially fatal outlets youth have latched onto such as Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Cutting and Suicide to name a few, and looks to replace these negative actions with positive ones by making them more aware about the seriousness of the effects these unhealthy practices can have on themselves and others. Both the beauty and tragedy of life is that everything is a choice, but just one wrong decision could be your last.  In addition to an increased awareness about these unsafe patterns, creative replacements are offered as a means of dealing with the weight of everyday society and peer influences, and a way of raising feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-12
Max Audience Size 200+ (limited by facility)
Performance Time 40-45 minutes
Number of Sessions Up to 4 in one day
Setup Time 45 minutes
Teardown Time 45 minutes
Required Utilities
  • A stage or 10' x 20' area
  • One AC electrical outlet
  • One 6'-8' banquet table
  • One chair
  • Projector/screen desired
  • Sound system desired
Subjects Covered Bullying
  • What bullying is, why it happens and who it affects
  • Understand the true impact of our actions
  • Learn ways to overcome pain and hurt
  • Experience the importance of best friends
  • Gain the courage to do and say what's right


  • See people for their heart and who they are
  • Learn to appreciate the difference of others
  • Strive for the desire to include all human beings
  • Encounter peace, love and compassion firsthand
  • Embrace it and grow, or resist it and struggle


  • A new look at what success means to you
  • Master the ability of responsible goal setting
  • Feel your fears and know your power over them
  • Realize your full potential and begin to step into it
  • Be the change you wish to see for the world

Positive Life Choices

  • Everything is a choice and has a consequence
  • How you respond to life is how you are defined
  • You are the sum total of your decisions
  • Change your angle of vision to see the good
  • Develop a new and positive perspective on life

The Importance of Anti-Bullying Education

Bullying leads to depression, low self esteem, health problems, poor grades and even suicidal thoughts. In addition, bullying creates an environment where students have trouble learning, feel insecure, and dislike school. Plus, studies have shown that 23 percent of students in grades 4-6 have been bullied several times and 8% are bullied weekly. Clearly this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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