Our Changing Climate / Helping Our Earth

STEM/EARTH Science Assembly Program | Grades: K-8

*Available Virtually or In-Person!*

Our Changing Climate & Helping Our Earth

You are the future!

Mobile Ed offers a fun and challenging STEM experience that will leave your students excited about science and curious about the world around them.  

Dr. Exhaustus hosts Our Changing Climate for grades 3-8 and Helping Our Earth for pre-K through 2nd grade. Both programs are available In-person or Live on Zoom.

For grades 3-5 and 6-8, Dr. Exhaustus presents two age-appropriate versions of the richly entertaining and educational program, OUR CHANGING CLIMATE.

HELPING OUR EARTH, designed exclusively for Pre-K to 2nd Graders, is the perfect way to introduce young learners to practical ways of caring for our Earth without delving into climate change. The show includes a fun, upbeat, sing-a-long song that is always a hit with the little ones.

All program content is loads of fun, educational, and specially created for these shows.

- Close-up Demonstrations
- Audience Involvement and Input
- Engaging Video Clips
- Interactive Polls
- Dazzling Sound Effects and Visual Effects
- Humorous Live-Action Animation


During in-person performances of Our Changing Climate and Helping Our Earth, Dr. Exhaustus will choose volunteers to help him demonstrate solar energy!

At in-person performances of Our Changing Climate, more volunteers will help Dr. Exhaustus explain the Greenhouse Theory. This lightheartedly eccentric segment never fails to amuse students and teachers while clarifying an often confusing concept in climate science.

Both Helping Our Earth and Our Changing Climate include a post-show bonus video, delivered the following day. Hosted by Dr. Exhaustus, these videos contain extra challenge questions and humorous presentations, which build off what was learned and experienced in the assemblies.

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Our Changing Climate Video

Helping Our Earth Video



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Program Summary

Grade Level K-8
Max Audience Size 500 Zoom Participants. Each classroom = one participant. A student or teacher with a separate computer or phone = one participant.
Session Time 45 minutes for Our Changing Climate
35 minutes for Helping Our Earth
Workshop Availability No
Setup Time 30 minutes before showtime, a school contact is required to join the Zoom session to allow for a short test.
Subjects Covered
Our Changing Climate:
- Critical Thinking
- Polar Climate Change
- Rising Sea Levels and Coral Reefs
- Rainforest Wildlife and Deforestation
- Oil, Coal, and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy
- Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Renewable Energy
- Automobile Fuel Options
- Basics of the Greenhouse Theory
- Respect for Opposing Views
Helping Our Earth:
- Polar Bears and Penguins
- Basics of the Carbon-Oxygen Cycle
- Wind Power and Solar Power
- Rainforests and their Animals
- Salt Water and Fresh Water
- Fresh Water Conservation
- Litter and Recycling