Our Solar System Reviews

Reviews on the astronomy assembly program for grades K-8

"I thought this was a very cool program. The kids were so excited. Once we got inside however it was hard to hear our presentation with the air blowing up the dome and the presenter's accent. I feel possibly a prepared video performance or something to that effect would have been nice. It was hard to hear the microphone over the noise of the air. I'm not sure how much students were able to really hear and stay engaged with this."


- La Costa Meadows Elementary School, Carlsbad, CA


"Mario did a very nice job - he was able to level the content he presented based on who was in the dome, particularly for our older students. I felt like the content was a little too high level for our youngest kiddos (kinder), but they still really enjoyed the visual and experience. Generally, our students really enjoyed the presentation, and the feedback has been positive. Mario was able to set up and clean up quickly, although he arrived a little later than we expected."


- Foskett Ranch Elementary School, Lincoln, CA



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