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This science assembly program allows students to experience why we truly believe that Physics is Fun! The show is based on Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of physics as well as the inventions of Robert Van de Graaff and Nikola Tesla and will open your student's eyes to the fascinating world of physics and how it governs the way everything around us moves!

The first category discusses sound; what it is, how we hear, why we hear, and the difference between loud and soft sounds. Several demonstrations are used in this segment to demonstrate these principles.

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Next, the inventions of Robert Van de Graaff and Nikola Tesla are explored in detail. These gentlemen pioneered experiments in static electricity and are responsible for many modern pieces of electronics that we have today, yet very few people have ever heard of them.

The next segment is dedicated to gyros and gyroscopic stability. Large working models of gyros are introduced to the audience. Student and teacher participation is used to the laughter of the viewing audience.

The final segment deals with Newton's third law, the law of action and reaction. In this segment the performer introduces a pulse ram jet engine. He explains how Newton's third law applies to jet engines. This segment is very exciting to the students as the jet engine generates a considerably high level of sound.

The 45-minute presentations are tailored for each age group (K-8) and will provide appropriate academic content. The program comes complete with its own visual aids, making this show the type that all audiences can appreciate. All demonstrations are visible in even the largest of auditoriums.

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Hands-on Workshop Available!

Physics is Fun is also available in an all-day format with awesome hands-on activities!  We bring a science museum-like presentation to your school allowing students to get up close and personal with awesome exhibits designed to compliment both the Physics is Fun assembly program and your existing science, STEM or STEAM curriculum.  This is similar to our Kidz Science Safari program, but with fewer exhibits.

This was the best assembly our students have had. Not only was it entertaining but it was informative. 
'Physics is Fun' certainly lived up to it's name!

- Randallwood Elem. School, Warrensville Heights, OH

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Program Summary

Grade Level:  K-8
Max Audience Size:  200+ (limited by facility)
Workshop Availability:  Yes
Performance Time:  40-45 minutes
Setup Time:  45 minutes
Teardown Time:  30 minutes
Required Utilities:
  • A stage or 8' x 25' performance area.
  • Two 6'-8' banquet tables.
  • One electrical outlet
  • Custodial or adult assistance for loading and unloading.
Subjects Covered:
  • Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion
  • Nikola Tesla and his Tesla Coil
  • Robert Van de Graaff and his generator
  • Sound and how we hear
  • The physics behind a jet engine

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