Rock Out For Reading

Musical Reading Assembly Program | Grades K-8

Are you ready to rock?

Motivate even your most reluctant readers with Rock Out for Reading, an exciting new assembly that will actively demonstrate to your students just how fun reading can be! Presenter Brian Chevalier takes students on a musical tour through fiction and nonfiction, touching on a variety genres and media to spark student interest.

Through fun, engaging songs, your students will learn how reading can strengthen their vocabulary and open their eyes to worlds they’ve never seen! Rock Out for Reading will challenge both bookworms and reluctant readers alike to open a book and try something new! Students will learn that reading doesn’t have to be scary or daunting, and that there is something out there for everyone -- even if you haven’t enjoyed reading in the past!

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Let imaginations and voices soar with our Rock Out for Reading program!

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-6
Max Audience Size 200+ (Limited by facility)
Performance Time 40-45 minutes
Number of Sessions 1-4 sessions per day.
Setup Time 60 minutes
Teardown Time 45 minutes
Required Utilities
  • A stage or 8' x 25' area
  • One 6'-8' banquet table
  • One electrical outlet
  • Access to a sink for cleanup
  • Custodial assistance for load-in and load-out

Subjects Covered
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
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