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Songwriting Workshop

Music and Music Theory Assembly Program | Grades K-6

Teach your students to express themselves through music!

Inspire your students by bringing life to their creations with Mobile Ed’s Songwriting Workshop!

This amazing, engaging day of creativity starts with a school-wide assembly, where your student body will be introduced to Brian Chevalier, professional songwriter! Brian will review the basics of musical composition with your students -- rhyme, meter, rhythm and lyrics -- as well as sources of inspiration for songs, and famous songwriters they might know. Then, you’re turned loose!!

Back in their classrooms, students will be asked to create a song of their own, about anything they’d like, using the tools and information they’ve already been given. Brian will make his way around to the classrooms to help, mentor, and guide the students in the creation of their songs.

At the day’s conclusion, students and their teachers will be invited back for another school-wide assembly, during which students’ songs will be performed for the entire school to enjoy! Our Songwriting Workshop can be a wonderful accompaniment to a unit on music or poetry, or can make for a very fun all-day event! We can even do multiple-day residencies. Ask your regional representative for more information.

Let your students’ inspiration be the limit!

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Engage your students with creative musical fun!

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-6
Max Audience Size 200+ (Limited by facility)
Performance Time 40-45 minutes
Number of Sessions 1-4 sessions per day.
Setup Time 60 minutes
Teardown Time 45 minutes
Required Utilities
  • A stage or 8' x 25' area
  • One 6'-8' banquet table
  • One electrical outlet
  • Access to a sink for cleanup
  • Custodial assistance for load-in and load-out

Subjects Covered
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Song Structure
  • Playing Musical Instruments
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