The Sound of Science

Science Assembly Program | Grades: K-8

*New for 2023!*

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In this ear-pleasing presentation, audience members experience and participate in discovering the intriguing properties of sound!

From understanding how this mechanical energy can be made, how it travels, and how it can change, the audience will also be enlightened and entertained by their own peers. Willing participants will make music with wacky and unusual instruments, change their voices into well-known characters using a voice changer, and provide the sound effects as they retell a popular fairytale using odd noise makers and creative tools or equipment for the sound effects just as a Foley Artist would in the movie making industry.

This presentation requires loads of willing volunteers but get ready for lots of fun learning and discovery through all the laughter.

This program is fast-paced, extremely engaging, and adaptable for grade levels K-8.


Great For: School Assemblies, Family Science/Back to School Nights, Special Events, and more!

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-8
Max Audience Size 200+ (Limited by facility)
Session Time 45-50 minutes. 10-15 minutes between sessions.
Setup Time 60 minutes
Teardown Time 30 minutes
Required Utilities
  • Stage or 8’ x 25’
  • Access to one electrical outlet near the stage area
  • Two 6’-8’ banquet tables
  • Access to water and sink for setup and cleanup
Subjects Covered
  • Light Waves vs. Sound Waves
  • Properties of Sound (Wavelength, Amplitude, Pitch, Volume, Echoes, etc.)
  • Noise vs. Music
  • Music Making
  • Sound Effects in the Movies

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