Stand-Up, Step-In, Stop Bullying!

Anti-Bullying Assembly Program | Grades K-6

Stand up to bullying!

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In an effort to bring to light the problems facing millions of elementary school kids, we’re introducing our latest, greatest show: No Bullying: “Stand Up — Step In!”

Utilizing massive amounts of audience participation, your presenter, three-time Parent's Choice Award-winning David Jack, will take your kids through a multi-media spectacular show which includes music, movement, virtual characters, dance, interactive game shows and a generous helping of fun!

Using humor and participation, David and his high-tech virtual character friend Cozmo, entertain and engage your kids and teach them how to identify the players in a bullying episode and more importantly how they should deal with it. They will learn how to recognize situations where bullying will likely occur and how to best avoid those situations.

stand up anti bullying 250 3The following essential subjects are introduced:

• Characters in a Bullying Situation: Utilizing fast-paced interactive video,the kids learn the components of a bullying situation and clearly recognize those involved.

• Recognizing the Bully

• Strategies for Dealing With Bullying

• How it feels to be a victim

• What distinguishes a victim

• The differences between direct and indirect bullying

stand up anti bullying 250 4• The differences between teasing and bullying

• The importance of the bystander

• Standing up for yourself by being assertive• How to avoid the “Bystander to Bully” syndrome

• Avoiding bullies

• Difference between "telling" and "tattling"

• And more!

Note:  Bullying is a serious national epidemic and should be included in every school’s curriculum.  This performance and the pertinent information is presented in an entertaining, age-appropriate manner.  Scary situations or subjects involving serious violence are NOT presented.

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"Absolutely the best assembly our school has ever had. David gets kids!  He can relate to them like I've never seen anyone do.  I can't say enough. The show was PERFECT!"

- PS 174, Rego Park, NY

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Program Summary

Grade Level:  K-2 and 3-6
Max Audience Size:  250 (limited by facility)
Workshop Availability:  Not Available
Performance Time:  45-50 minutes
Setup Time:  60 minutes
Teardown Time:  30 minutes
Required Utilities:
  • A stage or 8' x 25' performance area.

  • One 6'-8' banquet tables.

  • One electrical outlet.

  • Projection screen will be utilized if available

  • Custodial or adult assistance for loading and unloading.

Program Goals:
  • Reduce existing bullying problems among students!

  • Prevent the development of new bullying problems!

  • Achieve better peer relations at school!

  • Open a new standard of communication between student, parents and faculty/administration!

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