You've Got A Friend!

Discover the Most Effective Defense Against Bullying

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The original Stronger Than A Bully addresses how to define and deal with bullies and our responsibility when we see another person being bullied. In You've Got A Friend,  students will see how important friendships are in PREVENTING bullying. It is proven that most bullies pick on the "loner", that person that is different and many times has few or even no friends. They appear to have no one to lean on or to support them. So one of the greatest assets a student can have is a strong friend base. This new show will deal with positive character traits and skills needed to develop that friendship base. The students will learn how important it is to be a friend to themselves, accept the weaknesses in their personality and build upon their strengths to compensate or overcome those weaknesses. This program will also show students how to choose their closest friends wisely. Students will discover ways to identify and accept others with diverse backgrounds or physical challenges.

Dandy the Duck discovers he will never be a beautiful swan like the story goes but comes to realize that ducks are really cool and do amazing and wonderful things.

Digger the Dog helps students look for traits in others that could make them strong friends and how they can offer those same traits to someone in being their friend. Also how to be and choose a best friend.

Dinus the Dinosaur will reveal to students how wrong it is to judge someone because they are different, the importance of accepting our diversities, and to be friendly to all while still choosing our closest friends wisely.

Amazing magic tricks like the Smile Maker, Fishing for Friends, and more involve the students on stage in fun and puzzling friendship discoveries. 

Inspirational and challenging stories will be featured again by this master storyteller.

This show is fun and fast paced while delivering many new skills to aid students in preventing bullying. While the theme is focused on friendship skills, the anti bullying message is obvious and powerful. 

Faculty and students will be highly entertained with professional ventriloquism, amazing magic, and inspired with heartwarming stories.

If you loved Stronger Than A Bully you will be delighted with "You've Got A Friend."

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antibully program 

download pdfDownload the Program Summary PDF file.

Stronger Than A Bully II Program Summary
Grade Level: K-2 and 3-6
Size: A performance area at least 10' x 20' is recommended exclusive of audience area.
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 40-50 minutes
Setup Time: 60 minutes (15 minutes between performances)
Teardown Time: 45 minutes
Required Utilities: Two 6'-8' banquet tables.
Program Pre-Requisite:

It is suggested prior to scheduling "'You've Got A Friend'," to have scheduled "Stronger Than A Bully". 

Subjects Covered:
  • The ABCs of building strong friendships
  • Friends with positive character
  • The diversity of friendship
  • Thomas Jefferson's amazing sacrifice
  • Teamwork wins against bullies
  • The anti bully challenge

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