Super Structures

STEAM assembly program | Grades: K-8

*Available Virtually or In-Person!*


Travel the world of architecture and engineering!

Mobile Ed is proud to present Super Structures, a 45-minute assembly program designed to excite an interest in architecture, engineering, math, design and creativity.

Join Jasmine Blaise, a globe-hopping traveler with a keen interest in architecture, as she shares her journeys and insight on the world's coolest buildings.  She'll take you to every corner of the globe, not just showing off these incredible landmarks, but explaining how they're built through clever interactive demonstrations using lots of audience participation. 

Super Structures is a true STEAM experience!

Science: Physics, including loads, forces, strength, compression and tension

Technology: Horizontal and vertical building methods, plus materials

Engineering: Structural integrity and architecture

Art: World landmarks and proportion

Math: Ratios and The Golden Ratio

After the program, your students will positively burst with new ideas, useful for art, architecture and mathematical applications.

Super Structures!  Engineering for Jr. Engineers!

Now available virtually! Check out this video preview below:

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"The kids of Kingsley Elementary had a super time globe trotting with Ms. Blaize!  The interactive demonstrations not only allowed many children to actively take part but effectively reinforced the concepts of strong shapes, simple tools, and grand ideas springing from the every day.  The overview of the Golden Ratio followed by images contrasting buildings which followed the rule and those that did not was very effective.  The buttressing of the notion that everyone has great ideas combined with the tools provided during the assembly is sure to produce some fantastic creations when they get home! Ms. Mathisen has a fantastic presence.  Her program is well constructed and flows easily as it introduces fascinating high level concepts in a manner that made them understandable by the youngest in our audience." 

- Kinglsey Elementary School, IL

"This was the first time we had this assembly and just loved it. The children were tuned in and loved the interaction with the presenter. Who knows, we may have an architect in the making?"

- St. Peter Lutheran Church and Schools, IN


Inspire and motivate your students through the world's most impressive architectural accomplishments in Super Structures!

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-8
Max Audience Size 200+. Limited by facility
Session Time 40-45 minutes. 10 minutes between performances
Number of Sessions 1-4 sessions per day.  (Additional sessions are available for an additional fee.)
Setup Time 45 minutes
Teardown Time 45 minutes
Required Utilities
  • A stage or 15'x15' area
  • Projection screen
  • One electrical outlet
  • One 6'-8' long table and one chair
Subjects Covered
  • Physics, including loads, forces, and strength
  • Compression and tension
  • Various building methods
  • Material science
  • Structural integrity
  • World landmarks
  • Proportion
  • Ratios
  • The Golden Ratio

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