That's Science

Interactive Science Assembly Program | Grades: K-6

IMG_8063What is Science and what does it take to be a REAL SCIENTIST?

It’s not as hard as you might think! Come learn the secret through participating with Great Scott in the Scientific Method while doing fun and intriguing experiments in physics, and chemistry. Lots of audience participation, fun, and surprising discoveries.

In this presentation audience members will discover that each one of them is a REAL Scientist if they do just two things. Students will also be introduced and actively participate in several experiments using the Scientific Method in a memorable, surprising, and satisfying way! Students will discover intriguing results in experiments in chemistry, electricity, light, sound, and forces and motion.

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Program Summary

Grade Level K-6
Max Audience Size 200+
Performance Time 45-50 minute sessions (5-10 minutes between sessions)
Number of Sessions 1-6 sessions per day.  Additional sessions (up to 8 total) are available for an additional fee.
Setup Time 45 min
Teardown Time 30 min
Required Utilities
  • Access to presentation 1 hour before scheduled presentations for set-up
  • 2 6ft or 8ft tables
  • Access to electricity during the presentation
  • Access to water before the presentation
  • Both child and adult Volunteers will be recruited during the presentation
Subjects Covered*

- General Science

- Specific studies of science such as Chemistry, Physics, etc.

- The scientific method

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