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The Living Lincoln Reviews

Reviews on the History assembly program for grades K-8

"Richard's performance captivated everyone's attention. He nourished our brains with interesting facts and filled our hearts with a greater admiration for Abraham Lincoln. Job well done!"



- Dutch Broadway Elementary School, Elmont, NY

"Thank you. Barry is awesome!"



- Lawrence Middle School, Chatsworth, CA

"It is very beneficial to tell Lincoln's story in chronological order. From his entrance to exit, the students are highly engaged. It is one of the highlight's of 5th grade!"



- Sarah Noble Intermediate School, New Milford, CT


"We have been having The Living Lincoln come to our school for almost 25 years and it continues to be an inspiration to our students. Amazing is too small a word."



- Lawrence Middle School & Gifted Magnet, Chatsworth, CA


"He was wonderful - knew everything there was about Lincoln."



- Burbank Boulevard Elementary, North Hollywood, CA


"This is a unique school for gifted & talented children. The performer not only exceeded their expectations he made it enjoyable for a very wide age group (kindergarten through eighth grade. They didn’t want him to leave. Thank you sooooo much!!!"



- Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy, Avon, CT


"We have enjoyed having the Living Lincoln at our middle school for the past 26 years. Being able to experience history through drama is a change from reading it out of a book or listening to a lecture. I like the way the actor included so much of Lincoln's personal life and how he might have felt in each situation. It made it seem realistic."



- Lawrence Middle School & Gifted Magnet, Chatsworth, CA


"The students (and staff) were engaged the whole assembly. Our actor, Barry Cutler, played Mr. Lincoln, and did an amazing job overall!"



- Mount Woodson Elementary School, Ramona, CA


"Abe did a great job! The intermediate students loved his presentation. He did a nice job of bringing the material down to our primary students as well."



- Park Elementary School, Chardon, OH


"We enjoyed Living Lincoln. He is very impressive. The kids were in awe of the presentation. Thanks and keep up the great work."



- Valley School, Sugarloaf, PA


"Barry Cutler has been coming to our school for almost 25 years and is an inspiration to our students. Amazing is too small a word"



- Lawrence Middle School & Gifted Magnet, Chatsworth, CA


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