Women in History - Reviews

Reviews on the historical assembly program for grades K-8

"She was an excellent performer and interacted with the children wonderfully"


- Lotus School, Spring Grove, IL


"The kids loved the presentation and learned a lot in the process!"


- Birch Meadow Elementary School, Reading, MA


"Loved it! The kids still talk about it now and make connections to it in our daily learning!"


- Park Elementary School, Chardon, OH


"Her Women in History presentation was amazing and the kids loved it. She was very professional, showed up on time, was very organized and a pleasure to work with. She has a great personality and that showed in her presentation. All the costume changes and different accents made Women in History a success. Even our little kindergarten students were paying attention the entire time and we all know how short their attention span can be. We were pleasantly surprised when she took time at the end of each presentation to interact with each kid and her final words to the students were inspiring."


- Jefferson Elementary School, Elmhurst, IL


"We LOVED Women in History, they made a difference. Our performer was absolutely amazing. This is exactly the type of program we want at our school."


- Luce Elementary School, Canton, MA


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