Young Author's Day Reviews

Reviews on the writing school assembly program for grades K-8

"Performer was fantastic. She was also very flexible which we greatly appreciated! We'll be signing up for this assembly every few years. Kids and staff LOVE it!"


- Santa Ynez Elementary, Santa Ynez, CA

"Toma is always engaging and gets lots of laughs out of the kids. He did a great job presenting remotely which can always be a challenge."


- East School, New Canaan, CT

"We really enjoyed Karina the Mime. She did a great job engaging all levels of students. :)"


- Van Duzen, Mad River, CA


"It was such a pleasure to have Mrs. Jones again perform as a mime!"


- Robert Hunter Elementary School, Flemington, NJ


"This is the second time we've had Karina visit McSwain - her last visit was 4 years ago! Another great visit! Such a superb program!"


- McSwain School, Merced, CA


"We really enjoyed it. One of our staff told me it made the process of story writing click with her students. They were teaching the same thing, but she brought it to life."


- River Springs Charter School, Riverside, CA


"We have enjoyed Toma's performances in the past and every year he does a wonderful job. The kids are fully engaged and they are motivated to write! They take away a great experience from Young Author's Day."


- Crestwood Intermediate School, Mantua, OH


"Toma the Mime never fails to put on a great show! Our students were mesmerized. The best part is when he performs our student writings."


- Hendry Park Elementary School, Angola, IN


"I thought it was an excellent program in all levels. The presenter was professional, prepared, and captivated the students' attention. He explained the writing process in a way that motivated and enabled them to follow through with the task. They were excited by his performance."


- Wantage Elementary School, Wantage, NJ


"Our mime was great!!!! Many comments were made by staff and students that this was the "best program our school has ever had!" He was a very talented entertainer who not only taught our students but also gave them a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Everyone loved the show!"


- Lumberport Elementary, Lumberport, WV


"I have already recommended this program to two more schools in my district!! WE (teachers AND students) all LOVED Young Authors Day!!! Our Students learned so much and EVERY STUDENT left the morning assembly excited to write a story for the 2nd performance!!"


- South Lake Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"Students are still talking about the program a month later. This is the type of program that schools can bring in year after year without it being stale or redundant and the importance of creative writing can continue to be enforced."


- North Elementary School, Madison, OH


"Young Authors Day made for an inspiring and engaging day and was a worthwhile use of instructional time and resources. We loved introducing students to mime and the impact this presentation had on imagination and writing skills. We also loved asking Toma questions about mime at the end of the day."


- Franklin Township Elementary School, Wooster, OH



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