Piankeshaw Trails: Native American Cultures in the Midwest Woodlands

Mobile Ed Productions is excited to announce a new partnership allowing us to bring schools in the Midwest an excellent new hands on opportunity. It will  teach students about the Native American Indian Cultures of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and other parts of the Ohio Valley and what was once referred to as the Northwest Territory.
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Piankeshaw Trails is a unique program developed by trained anthropologist Sheryl Hartman to bring the cultures and history of the Woodland tribes to students in an exciting and fascinating assembly style program. With a museum quality array of artifacts and everyday items ranging from textiles, vegetable fiber clothing, bags, mats and cooking tools to hunting, this program skillfully combines elements of everyday life with a specific and artful telling of the story of interaction between Native Americans and the first Europeans. Highly interactive, with much audience participation, this amazing program meets state educational standards in the fourth and fifth grade curriculums of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and is adaptable to meet the needs of other adjacent states.

Though especially well suited to the needs of fourth and fifth grade students, the program is interesting and of benefit for all grades.

Piankeshaw Trails is available both as a standard 45 minute presentation as well as a 90 minute in-depth experience.

With decades of experience interpreting Native American culture for children, Ms. Hartman brings an amazing depth of knowledge combined with a lively and fun style of presentation sure to please all!







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Piankeshaw Trails Program Summary
Grade Level: K-8
Max Audience Size: 300
Workshop Availability: No
Performance Time: 45 minutes / 90 minutes
Setup Time: One hour
30 minutes
Required Utilities: Floor space inside or outside in nice weather. Performer needs a separate room to change clothes. Three or four 6'-8' banquet tables.
Subjects Covered:

 Prehistoric and historic Native American Indian Cultures and the effects of European contact and settlement upon these cultures.

Our prices are among the most competitive in the school assembly industry. Please call your state's Program Consultant at 800.433.7459 for the best pricing on this program.

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