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New Mexico School Assembly Programs

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Since 1979, Mobile Ed Productions has been the nationwide leader in live, educational entertainment, and we're continuing the tradition again this year with another tour of amazing experiences for you and your students. Look no further than Mobile Ed for assemblies in New Mexico!

We are proud to have our educational assemblies and hands-on workshops in New Mexico again this year.

We're bringing back everyone's favorite science assemblies such as The Magic of Science. No year is complete without a visit from one of our historical figures, like Abraham Lincoln. To satisfy your school's STEM/STEAM requirements, we also have our mobile hands-on museum, Kidz Science Safari, packed with interaction, high-tech demonstrations, and lots of fun.

Take a look at all of the assemblies in New Mexico this year below. Then, call 800-433-7459 or email your regional representative to find out what assemblies are still available in New Mexico. 

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Assembly Programs in New Mexico


Celestial Voyage

Astrology Assembly Program

Grades K-12


The Earth Dome

Geography amd Earth Science Museum 

Grades K-8


Forces and Motion

Science Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Frederick Douglass

Historical Figure Assembly Program

Grades K-12


George Washington

Historical Character Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Lincoln and Reading

Historical Character and Reading Assembly Program

Grades K-8


The Living Lincoln

Historical Character Assembly Program

Grades K-12


The Magic of Science

Science Assembly Program

Grades K-6


Mime Time

Performing Arts Assembly Program

Grades K-9


Our Solar System

Astronomy Assembly Program

Grades K-8


SkyDome Planetarium

Portable Planetarium/Astronomy Assembly Program

Grades K-8


STEAM Arcade

Portable Hands-On Museum Assembly Program

Grades K-6


Teddy Roosevelt

Historical Character Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Thomas Edison

Historical Character and Science Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Thomas Jefferson

Historical Character Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Women in History

Historical Character Assembly Program

Grades K-8


Young Author's Day

Reading, Writing, Storytelling, and Performing Arts Assembly Program

Grades K-9

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