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Stomp Out Bullying In Your School This Year

Posted on Wed, Aug 31, 2016


We at Mobile Ed have been battling bullying across the country for more than a decade with our successful anti-bullying and self-esteem assembly programs.

There are now four different anti-bullying programs to choose from depending on the age of your students and the approach you would like to take:

Stronger Than a Bully is a great fit for elementary audiences with it's use of humor, magic, and puppets.  The No Bully Zone is also a great fit for elementary, but it also scales to middle school well with it's game show-style interaction.  For middle and high school students, Mr. Peace's relevant presentations will connect with your older, more jaded students like nothing you've had before.  On the East Coast, David Jack's Stand-Up, Step-In, and Stop Bullying program works wonderfully for all ages.

This year, "bullyproof" your school with one of our impactful (yet still fun) anti-bullying shows.  Take a look at three of these terrific and impactful programs in this short video:

Take a look at all of the different anti-bullying programs we have available over at this page.

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