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Strong Reviews For Mobile Ed Productions’ Stronger Than a Bully

Posted on Tue, Sep 4, 2012

We have spoken recently and in the past about our programs that teach kids about how to deal with bullying. This is a serious topic and one that needs to be addressed. Every day we hear from schools looking for ways to help their students.

Last year we premiered Stronger Than a Bully, and this year we are back with that show and two companions - Stronger Than a Bully II and The No Bully Zone

As the year has just started we are still just beginning to collect comments from the two new shows, but here are some comments from schools that have had Stronger Than a Bully.

The first comes from a principal at a school in Speedway, Indiana, and here is the comment:

“Fantastic program! I highly recommend it to any school system.”

Mobile Ed Productions reviews 1

Fair enough. The next comes from our PTO contact at a school in Libertyville, Illinois (near Chicago):

“David was excellent - personality, presentational skills, professional! For a very serious topic, he gave the students easy to understand tools to del with a bully. Mobile Ed does it again!!!!”

Mobile Ed Productions reviews 2

And that is the key, of course. We do not expect a 45 minute program to cure bullying, but rather to demonstrate some tools and methods that kids, teachers and schools in general may practice over time to work on the problem. Though, here is a comment from a school in Northern Indiana where we apparently did have an immediate impact:

“Very well done. One student was compelled to apologize to another friend on the bus whom he bullied two years ago! It got through to them.”

Mobile Ed Productions reviews 3

It is gratifying to know that our programs can help!

You can check out more reviews here:

If you host one of our programs please remember to fill out and return the small card we leave behind. It is so important to us that we continue to earn your respect and your business every time we set foot in your school. The only way we can be sure this is happening is with your help. Please ... keep those cards coming!



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