Education Through Entertainment

8 Things You Should Know About Mobile Ed Productions Programs

Posted on Mon, Sep 27, 2021

Mobile Ed Production’s mission from the beginning has been to deliver the highest quality of educational entertainment to private and public schools across the country. Since 1979, we have created over 40 popular educational assemblies for K-8 schools, and that number continues to go up. Though we value our transparency, affordability, and mobility, these values mean nothing to us without the high-quality educational and engaging content in our programs.

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Strong Reviews For Mobile Ed Productions’ Stronger Than a Bully

Posted on Tue, Sep 4, 2012

We have spoken recently and in the past about our programs that teach kids about how to deal with bullying. This is a serious topic and one that needs to be addressed. Every day we hear from schools looking for ways to help their students.

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Good Review For California Summer Camp and School Assemblies

Posted on Sun, Aug 28, 2011

We have written before about the great symbiotic relationship enjoyed by summer camps and school assemblies. Usually we are discussing summer camps in Michigan where the majority of our school assembly presenters are based during the summer. But we do also perform at summer camps in other states as well. Around the Chicago area we have two locally based performers who are available for summer camps in that parts if the country. And in Southern California we have three great presenters available to appear as part of summer camp activities. With both a Sky Dome Planetarium and an Earth Dome resident in the Los Angeles area we often are called upon to use these in camp formats, but we are also able to offer a couple of science programs, a social studies unit and a creative writing day.

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