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5 Simple Coding Projects for Kids

Posted on Fri, Jan 5, 2024

5 Simple Coding Projects for Kids


Coding could be considered the most important skill of our century, which is why our schools are now encouraging and implementing programs to help us teach it to our students. But where do we start? Mobile Ed has a few simple activities that can introduce coding to your students that will get them excited about the subject.



What is Coding?

Coding is a technical language that programmers use to communicate instructions to computers. Almost all technology exists due to some level of underlying code. The most basic level of code is made up of numbers called "binary code" that machines can process and then execute certain tasks. Additional coding languages exist to serve different goals. Learn more about coding basics here


Why is Coding Relevant Today? 

Our modern culture is centered around technology which has become an imperative part of our lifestyle. Machines, apps, websites, and smartphones are the stepping stones of everyday life for many of us, and even our younger generations are reliant on this new technology. Machines have become arguably essential for every industry out there: personal technologies, communicative technologies, food production, medicine, and even education.

And though it may seem as if technology is adapting fast, it cannot do so unless it's told to through code. Educators and administrations are embracing coding as part of their classroom curriculums because of it. But besides its relevance and importance to everyday life, the list of benefits of teaching young kids to code is substantial. Teaching young kids to code:

  1. Improves logical and structural thinking skills
  2. Encourages persistence and problem-solving 
  3. Develops stronger digital literacy
  4. Promotes creativity and imagination
  5. Provides potential career advantages 
  6. Enhances communication skills
  7. Builds confidence

But how can we capture the attention of our students with this newer skill? What's the easiest way to introduce coding to young students? Here are five easy coding projects to let your students get a feel what coding is:


      • Coding Necklace. Make something usable with a binary necklace project. Grab some beads and thread and you'll have the whole class excited to create "coding jewelry" that is personalized with their name. 


      • Coding with Hot Wheels. The best way to teach our students is to meet them where they're at. In this case, it may be with toy cars! Your students will have a blast building a track for their cars to travel on, but they'll need to code to go anywhere!


      • Design an Online Game. Your students can use simplified coding blocks online to code their own online video game! Students can play their own game or play each others'. 


      • Unplugged Egg Carton Coding. Don't throw out those egg cartons! Use them for a super simple coding activity with your students. No screens required!


      • Code an Obstacle Course. Choose five (or more!) outdoor activities to set up for your students. Use some if/then statements for each task and determine how a student will complete the obstacle. The choices are endless! has become a popular website among educators looking to introduce their students (and maybe even develop a passion for) coding in natural and exciting ways. even offers beginners courses for grades K-5. Check them out here for more resources. 


STEAM Museum


The STEAM Museum is another effective way to help students begin learning about coding and the relevance it has in our lives. The STEAM Museum features twelve stations that demonstrate real-life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) that your students will love. These hands-on activities use coding, engineering, creativity, physics, and more to help students learn about STEAM while having a blast! 


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