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10 Fascinating Projects for Science Fairs

Posted on Tue, May 31, 2022

10 Fascinating Projects for Science Fairs


The purpose of science fairs is to provide a convention for students to ask and answer questions they have about everyday life using the scientific method. Many students will create impressive displays showcasing their scientific methods and findings. Science fairs have been happening in the world for several decades. The first science fair occurred in 1942 and was hosted by the Science Talent Search. Science fairs became more popular in the 1950s after there were televised accounts of atomic weapons, Sputnik, new vaccines, and students' interest in science was piqued.


The best science fair projects to create and to view are always going to be the ones about topics that the students are most interested in and passionate about. We believe it’s important for students to ask a question that interests them and that can be answered using the scientific method. We’ve generated a list of 10 interesting and engaging science fair projects for students at different grade levels.


Whether your students need project ideas for a science fair or you’d like some fun and attention-grabbing classroom projects, take a look at this list of easy and educational science projects: 

  • Balloon-Powered Car: Students interested in automotives will love building their own car from scratch while studying kinetic and potential energy. This project uses materials you’ll have in the classroom and at home. 


  • Hot Dog Mummy: Any history buffs in your classroom might enjoy researching the mummification process and using those same principles on a classic American food. Only a few household supplies are needed to replicate this process used by Ancient Egyptians. 


  • Straw Roller Coaster: Suitable for students of all ages, this project relates modern summer pastimes with modern science. Make a roller coaster that is as simple or as advanced as your students would like. This project also gives way for creativity to fly during the design process. 

  • Fruit-Powered Battery: Fruit is a natural source of electricity. Let your food-lovers research and test how they can create electricity from their favorite healthy foods. This project requires more advanced materials that students should be prepared for. 


  • Solar Oven: Build an oven for your students to cook their favorite foods in! Students will need to research heat, reflection, and the greenhouse effect. Though this project uses s’mores, other ideas include hot dogs, pizza, and nachos. 


  • Homemade Lava Lamp: This classic science project uses items found in your classroom and around the house to make a lamp that’s fun and filled with science. Using principles in chemistry, students can research the most effective ways to make a lava lamp. 


  • Lung Model: Any students interested in anatomy would love to take a deep dive into one of our most crucial organs. Students can take this project a step further and research the effects of pollution, tobacco, or other factors on our lungs. 


  • Homemade Lightning: Many of us enjoy being outside, but do any of your students love thunderstorms? Students will research how to create their own lightning by studying electricity. 


  • Star Projector: Any astronomy enthusiasts might want to learn how they can project stars right from their fingertips. Students can research the science behind star formation and constellations, and then recreate them while learning to project them on the ceiling. 


  • Fossil Cast: Though this project requires a few advanced materials, students interested in paleontology would love to create their own fossils and learn how they can educate people about our time years down the road.

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