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5 Helpful Technologies to Try in Your Classroom This Year

Posted on Mon, Sep 12, 2022

5 Helpful Technologies to Try in Your Classroom This Year


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If you’ve ever had a Mobile Ed program visit your facility, you know that we can’t do our programs without the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology and tools. Over the past 40 years, we’ve had the gift of offering more and more programs based on new technologies that have helped us educate millions of students across the country. Technology is a valuable part of the modern classroom, and it’s opened up new forms of learning, virtual classrooms, testing, and research. We here at Mobile Ed have several technology recommendations that might help you as you plan this year. 

No matter how opposed you may be to integrating technology into your classroom, it can be beneficial for both you and your students, making your job and life just a little bit easier. New websites, apps, and other technologies have been designed to enhance student learning while making your life as an educator a bit simpler and more organized. New tech is created every year, and though there are some we grow used to using, learning and implementing new technologies can benefit you and your students in new ways!


Here are a few online resources you may consider trying in your classroom this year: 

Blooket: Blooklet is a quizzing website that transfers your “quizzes” into games! The variety of game modes makes your quiz entertaining, engaging, and most of all, exciting! There are several different game modes to choose from, so students will never get bored of your quiz or review session. Your questions can be imported easily, making your session as easy to make as possible. 

Beeline Reader: Reading a lot in your classroom? Beeline Reader helps make on-screen reading easier on your eyes and more engaging for your students. Using colors and gradients, this browser extension guides eyes to read more “effectively” while helping the reader stay focused. This extension is perfect for readers of all grade levels (including educators themselves!).

Virtual Assemblies: Virtual Assemblies have been around for some time now, but the recent pandemic really kicked off the idea and made them more popular and accessible. Mobile Ed Productions has transformed almost all of our educational programs into virtual programs that are safe, simple, and accessible for many schools. Using Zoom, the Mobile Ed team uses our classic demonstrations, jokes, and audience participation to teach students curriculum-required material on a variety of topics. 

Padlet: Padlet is simply a website and app made up of a blank bulletin board and can be used for whatever educators need. Teaching Expertise calls Padlet a “noticeboard” that is customizable with links, videos, images, questions, and lesson material. Students can use these boards, or “Padlets”, to reference material, collaborate, and access documents. Google integrates with Padlet, making this system even easier to use for classrooms already using Google apps. 

Edpuzzle: Whether you’re meeting in a classroom or meeting virtually, you may be using videos as a source of information or as a part of your lesson. Edpuzzle allows educators to choose an educational video (or create their own) and embed questions into the video to gauge comprehension. Edpuzzle can also track when a student views a certain video to ensure you have your students’ attention. 

Mobile Ed is constantly incorporating new technologies, making new programs, assemblies, lesson ideas, and blogs to help our educators teach their students in the most effective and entertaining way possible. For more helpful tools for educators, visit the Mobile Ed website!

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