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5 Ways to Maximize Student Engagement Before Break

Posted on Fri, Dec 15, 2023

5 Ways to Maximize Engagement Before Break


It’s that time of year again! Students are antsy and restless in their seats as they get excited for some time off from school to rest, be with friends and family, and get outside. Though it is an exciting time of year, our jobs can become more challenging when students are distracted and in need of a break. Mobile Ed has a few simple ways to keep students focused on the days leading up to break while still accomplishing your goals.

Our role as educators requires us to meet students where they are in their academics and sometimes in their personal life circumstances. Though it’s easy to become frustrated when our classes are acting out more often, talking too much, or aren’t focused around this time of year, we can still control our attitude and our approach to the holidays, even using the holidays to our advantage. This time of year requires a little more careful planning to keep students focused and ready to learn. 

Students learn more efficiently and effectively when they are interested in learning about the topic. They are more curious, asking the right questions and turning their boredom into an exciting challenge or personal goal. So what interests your students? What is capturing their attention most lately? Finding out what motivates your students is perhaps the most effective way to keep students engaged in your lessons, and right now, that is probably the holiday spirit! Embracing the holidays as a part of your day-to-day lessons is going to keep students excited yet engaged this time of year. 

With a few modifications to your normal classroom routine, you can still complete all of your goals while encouraging students to embrace the season. Here are a few ways you can maximize your lessons to get students on track while still having some fun before break!

        • Get Outside. Our students have been working hard for months, so of course they’re ready for a break! The outdoors is a great place for you to change up your normal classroom routine to get out some energy and let students’ creativity soar. Whether it’s for some quiet reading time or a science activity, getting outside can get still students excited while completing a goal. 

        • Blend Holiday Cheer With Your Lessons. Keep your lesson plans, but change out one aspect and replace it with some holiday cheer. For example, make your story problems holiday-themed or add some holiday books to your reading list. Small changes can go far. 

        • Embrace the Countdown. Join in on your student’s excitement for break and set a countdown timer for all of your students to see. You may even consider making your countdown each day something your students can look forward to, like a short game, activity, or trivia.  

        • Let Students Lead. Small or big, a choice is a form of independence. Letting your students pick a topic or style of assignment can benefit both them and you! Modifying your lessons in a small way to accommodate the interests of your students can have a large impact. 

        • Pick Up Hands-On Projects. Keeping students challenged by using all of their senses with hands-on assignments is a great way to channel the extra energy from the holiday season into one of your classroom goals. Whether it’s simple or extensive, a hands-on project can keep students in the present and turn that holiday spirit into excitement for learning. 


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