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6 New Technologies to Try This Year

Posted on Mon, Sep 13, 2021

6 New Technologies to Try This Year

Over the past eighteen months, technology has been relied upon to remake the classroom and provide essential education to students. School districts have scrambled to bridge technological gaps, provide lessons on new platforms, and develop technological proficiencies within their staff, all with no formal training or time. Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, staff, or administrator, everyone has had to adjust and grow into this new way of school. 

Regardless of our hopes for a return to normalcy, technologies in the classroom are more and more crucial for modern education. There’s no avoiding it, especially after a year of relying on technology for most of our needs. Now, more and more students are adept and ready to use technology in their classrooms and everyday lives. 

We believe that modern technologies have the power to enhance student learning, whether used in-person or virtually. Integrating technologies into our classrooms increases engagement with your students, encourages collaboration with other students, and prepares students for their tech-reliant futures. Its clear technology is not going away in education, and there have been many new innovative software and websites created for that reason.

Our Mobile Ed Production team desires for you to feel confident in all areas of education, including the use of technology. Whether you’re a tech-expert, wish to return to the past, or hesitant to try yet another technology with a class full of kids, our Mobile Ed Productions team has a few recommendations for you to try:

  1. Virtual Assemblies. Mobile Ed Productions provides virtual assemblies for students of all ages about a variety of topics including meditation, STEAM, music, and history. Take a second to browse our large variety of virtual assemblies here. We’ve specifically designed each program in consideration of curriculum guidelines, state standards, and student engagement. We offer affordable, accessible, and beneficial virtual programs that can work for every teacher, no matter the grade or technical skill level. 

  2. Google Jamboard. Recently added to the Google suite, Jamboard provides a collaborative space to learn and create that is suitable for all ages. Use Jamboard to house projects for your students or present notes to your class. Easy to use and saves automatically, this accessible tool might be right for you. 

  3. EmbraceRace. This website offers articles, webinars, and other resources for teachers to educate their students about diversity and inclusivity in our communities. Children’s books and stories provided by EmbraceRace can also make your classroom a safe and inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth for every student. 

  4. Libby. Though ebooks are not necessarily a new technology, they may be new to your classroom. If your school has the capacity to use ebooks and connections to a public library, this type of reading can create access to a wider variety of stories and increase engagement with students who struggle to read. Audiobooks are also available through this platform. Audiobooks are simple to use and can enhance imagination, pronunciation, and fluency in your students this year.  

  5. Minecraft Education Edition. Already a popular game among kids, this program teaches children coding and STEM skills through a familiar setting and gamified learning style. Mobile Ed Productions also provides STEM-focused assemblies (virtual and in-person) as well that your students will find compelling and educational. 

  6. Headspace. Stress is practically unavoidable for you and your students, but this popular app offers a variety of videos and podcasts that teach mindfulness to help you and your students manage stress. Mobile Ed Productions also offers meditation and mindfulness assemblies that will encourage rest and focus in your students’ lives, in and outside the classroom. 

These technologies are already being used by some of our team members and educators, and we hope these recommendations help you meet your goals and further your experiences for this upcoming school year. Mobile Ed’s mission is to make high-quality education fascinating and appealing for students while supporting our teachers; we hope our programs and these technologies help you do just that this year.

For more beneficial education tips and tricks, check the Mobile Ed Productions blog here.

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